Baby Bjorn

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squished - October 4

I have been trying to get my ds into this carrier facing forward for a week now b/c my arms are just getting tired. The couple of times I put him in forward he loved it but it cut the circulaiton off to his legs and they were turning purple. I've double checked all the straps and things and have found nothing. Has this happened to anyone else? It's not like he's a big baby. Am I missing something?


olivia - October 4

I use mine all the time still and my baby is almost 10 months already. I did have a friend who's daughters foot turned blue in it and they stopped using it. It might depend on how old it is. The newer bjorns seem more stiff to me, mine is from 1999 and is very soft material so maybe that is why we don't have the same problem. I guess I am not helping you much, but I'd say keep trying?


mommybabyboy21 - October 4

I have a new one and my little one is 14 weeks old. He loves it and I haven't had that problem. But I dont use the straps for smaller babies never had...the one to make the foot holes smaller.


DDT - October 4

I've never had a problem either...and like mommybabyboy21 I never used the straps to make the leg opening smaller either.


Jmom - October 27

nope sorry- I use mine almost every day with my DD- she's 5 months old (it's the only way I can get through the day with my DS-19 months old...Not sure I'd use it though, if I were you!!!


docbytch - October 27

Our son was born weighing 10lbs8oz. The baby bjorn works fine if we don't use the leg straps. He is almost too big for the infant setting already....but he is only 2.5 weeks old! My DH has better luck with the carrier than I do...may have something to do with my big b___bs getting in the way LOL


GloriaD - October 28

I also use mine a lot for my dd who is 7 weeks, but its also an older one, its from 2002 and I don't use the infant straps either.



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