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sahmof3 - January 19

My mom gave me MY baby book last night. I could hardly believe it, but on my 2 month check up paper the docs instructions were to start me on green and yellow veggies and bananas, apples and pears. (I had started rice cereal and oatmeal at 6 weeks). Times sure have changed lol ;-)


Shana B - January 19

That's funny you say that, I looked through mine the other day and my doctor wrote my mom a recipe mixing whiskey and honey (and some other stuff) for a cold I had. Times have changed...glad we survived!


SonyaM - January 19

Mine says the same thing. I was started on the meats when I was 4 months old. Whenever my mom says anything about "well, that's not the way we did it when you were little" I always remind her...."you are right, BUT you also didn't use car seats, so not everything you did when I was little was right". Usually shuts her right up!!!!


sahmof3 - January 19

Shana... whiskey and honey!... If you told the wrong person that you did that for your baby nowadays they call social services LOL. Sonya... my mom and MIL are the same way. My MIL has said, "We didn't use carseats when our kids were little." Yeah... my MIL's first child (dh's oldest sis, 21 years older than he is) was born in 1947!!! I had to explain that there are WAY more cars on the roads now, WAY more accidents, etc. It gets annoying, but lately I have noticed that the way things were done even 6 1/2 years ago when I had my oldest are done differently now... UGH! I have a feeling I will be that annoying mother/MIL someday ;-)


Danielle19 - January 19

that funny i was just looking through my dh's baby book last nite he's only 24 and it said to start babies on whole milk by 6 months, and that your not supose to feed baby twice from the same jar of baby food because it can get watery, umm hello bacteria!!


Brandi - January 19

I had mentioned to my mom that I don't feed my son from the baby food jar in case he doesn't eat it all because of the bacteria risk from double dipping the spoon. She was like "Parents have been doing that stuff for hundreds of years and I've never known a baby to get sick from it." She is very resistant to anything being done differently than her way. I pointed out that there was a much higher infant mortality rate hundreds of years ago too, I don't think from that, but just from general practices, no vaccines, etc. Just trying to point out to her that sometimes things do need to chane hehe. Love my mama despite her stubborness. Hehe


Rabbits07 - January 19

Shana B....a good ole' Hot Tottie is probably what that recipe is mom use to give us those all the time for colds when we were younger. It's a thousand wonders my sister and I aren't alcoholic!


ash2 - January 19

I guess that is why it is so good to updaye everything in your baby book ! We lost all of ours in a house fire.


LisaB - January 19

My dhs baby book had him on cows milk at 6 weeks. Also dh used to sit on granpas lap and pretend to drive the car home from the bar( dhs grandparents owned a bar) Crazy how times have changed. When I was little for tooth aches my mom always used whiskey- I still love to rub it on my gums cant drink the stuf but love the feeling of it tingling my tonue and gums. Now they say the littlest amount of alchol could prove fatal I'm not buying that but also not trying it either. By the time our kids have kids they will have to be bubble wrapped before being put in the car. And in car seats until they are 16.



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