Baby Boy Ultrasound Question

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HannahBaby - June 3

At my ultrasound my baby was not very cooperative. At first they said it was a boy, then they said girl, then they said boy again. The didnt see a p__s but what "could be" testicles. Has this happened to anyone else ? im just curious to see if anyone had the ultrasound tech see "testicles" but have the baby turn out to be a girl. Im just worried about my husband if they say girl at the next ultrasound becuase hes so excited this one is a boy. (and so is his father!!) Thanks


Annette - June 3

How far along are you? and anyway, it is easier to see a girl and be wrong (the p___s might be too small, t______es looking like vulva aso) than the other way around. And don´t worry, your husband will be as happy with a little girl as he would be with a boy. I was TERRIBLY disappointed when I found out I was having a boy, I had wished all my life for a baby girl and so did my husband. I asked and asked if there was any chance of mistake but doctors were 100% sure. And now I wouldn´t trade my baby boy for anything.


HannahBaby - June 3

i have one daughter already, The us tech first said it may be a boy, then she said girl, then she said boy, i was 19 weeks when i had us


Whitney - June 3

I had an ultrasound when I was 22 weeks & the hospital I went to had a policy that they could not tell us the s_x of the baby becasue they had been sued in the past .... anyway, the ultrasound tech was very nice & showed us the area in between the baby's legs so we could just try & guess, but she was not alowed to tell us. Me & mu husband both could see what looked exactly like t______es, but no p___s at all, so we kind of freaked out a bit thinking something was wrong. But it sure looked like a boy to me. So when I was 36 weeks I had a fetal a__sessment & they were able to confirm it was a boy for sure, & again for some reason I could hardley see the p___s. Maybe it was kind of tucked behind or something, I'm not sure. But we did have a boy in the end, & all his little parts were OK.


HannahBaby - June 3

haha whitney....i dont know where that p___s is!! Just kidding, he was curled up in a ball so she couldent get the front of the legs, just the back of the b___t and thats when she saw "t______es" Like i said if she did that from the get go i would not be worried its just the fact that she went back and forth so many times that has me worried. I have a 4d ultrasound in july so i will just have to wait until then....but i have the strongest desire to start shopping (espically if its a boy because i have all girl stuff) but am afraid to buy anything.


^lucy^ - June 3

my SIL gave birth one week after i did.. which was 10 days ago.. anyway,, she was preggo with twins and always told her one boy and one girl.. she went in for c-section and woke up to discover she delivered 2 twin girls!! dr was telling her a girl and a boy confirmed until right before operation.. things could go wrong but good luck and hope u will get a confirmed answer :)


jas - June 4

We had a bottom up view and just saw the t______es at first, but then he moved and all his boy parts were flashing in the fluid for all to see :)... I would think it would be hard to confuse t______es for a v____a/labia?


HannahBaby - June 4

They werent sure if it was t______es because they couldent see the cord and the t______es at the same time.


Heather F - June 5

when I had my ultrasound at 18 weeks (my baby is now 10 weeks) they had the same view except the new it was a girl becuase there were no t______es - so it sounds like yours is a boy!


alarsen - June 8

Im not sure where you live but at my ultrasound app the tech would not tell me for sure. I made an appointment at a facility that does 4D ultrasounds. Not only can they too you the s_x 100% but you also get to see your baby...the pictures are in color and you see all your babys features just like a regular picture. Its was really neat. I paid about $80 for gender determination but they usually offer other packages with video and pictures also.


HannahISAbaby - June 19

Hmm.. Hannah, maybe you are having a hermaphadite?


Bonnie - June 19

Mason wasn't shy at all about showing his "parts". He didn;t even cross his legs! lol


hello - June 19

I didn't find out the s_x of my baby as i wanted it to be a suprise. I read one of your replies to someone recently who was asking how to get a girl and your reply was to tell them to accept what god gives them. Not try or hope for one or the other.....Perhaps telling hubby and fil that they should be happy with what u are given would be the way to go hannah... Regarding the potty training question u asked a while ago, wait till baby comes as your dr reccomended...


HannahBaby - June 19

I guess some people just have more patience than others. I perfer to find out the s_x so that i can be prepared (espically if its a boy because i have ALL girl things, nothing for boy!!) The other girl who i told to accept what god gives her was looking for ways to ONLY concieve a girl, I was just looking for anyone who was told boy, than had girl. My husband wouldent be like "dang, lets have an abortion and try again for a boy" he would be happy with whatever we have (as would i) Maybe you shouldent give advice if you have nothing helpful to say, There are so many good seeds on this forum (bonnie, rabbits,autinsmom....its too bad that some of you have to put in nasty comments because of a disagreement on another thread (hmmm....HannahIsAbaby?? Have not enought b___s to use your REAL name??) So anyways. I was just looking for some personal expierences with US. Thanks anyway i guess


Sarahsmommy - June 19

I do know a women who was told up until delivery that she was having a boy and it turned out to be a girl, but you will find out for sure, good luck.


Bonnie - June 19

You never know 100% what you get until you get it. I am with Hannah when peopel post about ways of only having a girl. No matter what you do you have a 50/50 shot and if you are that set on having one s_x.....maybe it is time to adopt. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to know what you have. It's practical, it's exciting, it's not for everyone. We're all different.


HannahISAbaby - June 19

Oh and I a__sume that HannahBaby is YOUR real name?



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