Baby Boys Armed And Dangerous

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Christy - November 16

How are the mommies with baby boys dealing with being squirted with urine during diaper changes? My boy is rather unpredictable and will let his urine go all over the place while I clean his butt or am ready to put a fresh diper on him. We are going through a lot of sleepers and extra diapers needlessly- it is driving me nuts! I'd keep it covered, but that doesn't work well when I am trying to clean him. Any suggestions are appreciated.


TC - November 16

This is what I did at work and what I do with my son. Well bf you start it is best to have the new diaper open and ready. I peek in first, then I let the air hit the little squirter to see what is going to happen. I then wipe the squirter first and when I am finished I put a baby wipe or two over it. I wipe the rest of him and then put on the clean diaper. I do not have any problems with my son squirting on me at all. My dh, on the other hand does bc he does not use my method. Good luck and have fun. ;p


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 16

Luckily my son usually does not pee on me during changes, but there have been a few times. I found it comical. I keep an extra washcloth over it while he gets a bath. I just try to change as quickly as possible.


Jen - November 16

I keep a stack of cloth diapers/burp cloths on the changing table so whenever he starts to go I just grab one realy fast and cover. they can usually save the sleeper.


Kathryn - November 16

This is so funny. Nathan has been really good about not squirting when I change him. But, this morning, no sooner I got his diaper off he peed. It went directly on his face. He looked at me as to ask what in the world I just did to him. Gross, but funny! When he was smaller and squirted quite often, I would always have a towel or cloth diaper laying very close by so I could grap it quick.


tracy - November 16

There is a product you can buy (if you're really just wanting to spend money...although I think a towel would do the same thing) called PeePeeTeePees - I'm dead serious. They're these little cones, that you pop on, while you're cleaning and whatnot, so you don't get peed on. I saw it in a magazine...appearantly celebrities are all over them. Personally, unless I had money shooting out my nose, I wouldn't bother.


chelsey - November 16

My little guy is pretty good about not peeing all over. He's done it a few times, but usually straight up in the air! One time my daughter was helping me change him, and she leaned over him just as he started to pee! She just about got it right in the eye! Lucky for her I was quick and covered it with my hand! My daughter was mortified! I dont do anything really when changing him. I make sure I've got a diaper already opened, and a receiving blanket near by, just incase!


Heidi - November 16

Okay girls do this too! My 5 wk old has managed to pee on me a few times and get it all over my clothes. Don't ask how. It just happens. She likes to pee when I change her or just get her diaper off. She likes to pa__s gas as I change her and one day she ripped a huge fart and peed at the same time and I was covered in pee. This morning I put a cold b___t wipe on her and she peed and it sprayed all over my bed. So mommy's of boys, you're not alone!!!!


d - November 16

When the nurse came to my house the first week, she said when you notice the p___s is erect that means he's about to pee, so she closed down the diaper and waited a bit untill he finished and then checked again. Or you can take the chance and quickly put on the diaper. I think its better to check when you first open the diaper to see if its erect and wait for him to finish before you continue to change.


Shelly - November 16

I do the same as TC with Jesse,and don't forget to put his "we-wee" down when you put the diaper on him,it helps with leaking and soaking clothes.


dew - November 16

I'm due in December, this is something I better prepare myself for. I've never been peed on! Guess I'd rather it be my son than anyone else!! lol!!


Christy - November 22

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I have and economy pack of white washcloths I have employed to cover the weapon up while I am changing the diaper. It works very well. I will also try to remember to put the weapon downward when I finish putting the diaper on.


Shelly - November 22

LOL,This does happens even to experts.The first time I took Jesse to the pediatrician,he took Jesses diaper of and was telling and explaining all kinds of stuff and then HE got hit by Jesse hehe.I thought that was so funny,he asked if I was hit before and iI said nope,I cover it up!!!! hehe


FF - November 22

I've discovered that changing before a feeding rather than after helps me avoid Brody- he's quite the sharp shooter! :)


someone - November 27

my son has never peed on me but his dad has been hit. I walked in when he was about to change him and when he took the diaper off i saw that his p___s was erect and said hes gonna pee my man said he wouldnt so i walked out then i heard my guy yell ewwwww i went back in and sure enough he peed all over my man. all i could say was i told ya so.


angela - November 27

luckily i have a daughter, but there has been a few times that i open her diaper and she's peeing, if she was a boy i would have been peed on quite a few times :) hopefully the next one is a boy so now i know what to do.



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