Baby Bug Repellent

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J.J. - June 22

I take my 7 1/2-mo old son to softball games once a wk and we're out til after dark...I'm concerned about him getting devoured by mosquitoes. I've usually get bitten pretty badly. So far they ignore him but should I be using bug there a brand specif for babies?


KLC - June 22

Honestly I don't know that htere is anything safe enough to use on them at this age. My son is 3 months and we are going camping 4th of July weekend so I actually had the same question. What I did was by a bug netting from Babys R Us that fits over his stroller and playpen so that he is safe from the bugs and then when someone is holding him we basically just have to pay close attention to his exposed arms and legs to make sure nothing is on him!!! But the netting is great on the strollers and offers guaranteed protection. Hope that helps.


binkys mom - June 22

We go to Canada to vacation at our lake alot, and I asked my doctor...he said to use Avon Skin so Soft. That why you don't have the harmful chemicals, but some scent to keep them away


Rabbits07 - June 22

My mom says the SSS from Avon works for her, but it doesn't work for my daughter. She is like a bug magnet. the other evening we were outside and the bugs were biting me...I hollered at her to come stand by me..she asked why...I told her so the bugs would stay off of me! It's really sad though cause she does get really bad bites. Anyway, the last I read, a DEET count of 10 was acceptable in children over 6 mths. It said to avoid products with lemon eucalyptus (didn't say why). Also it stated to use long pant legs and sleeves when possible and apply product only to exposed skin (but not hands)


Nerdy Girl - June 23

Try Natrapel.


angelbebe - June 24

There is a product made in Texas called Cactus Juice. It's all natural, non toxic, and smells like tangerine. Plus it has 20 spf in it as well. It's wonderful!!


Narcissus - June 24

There was a news report/study a while back and they found that Avon's SSS was one of the least protective and that the more deet the repellant has, the more effective it is. I think you will need to find a happy medium and discuss this with the pediatrician to see just how much deet is safe, or thought to be safe for children.


binkys mom - June 24

thanks narcissus. I haven't been able to try the Avon sss. The mosquitoes at are cabin are very aggressive and I will try to find something that may actaully work. I won;t waste my money on the Avon stuff!


Cat - June 26

Check w/your own pedi first, but ours said we could use the same stuff we use. If it's safe for us, it's safe for him.



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