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Perl - January 30

I need help mostly with getting my 3 month old to sleep at night rather than during the day. If I try to keep him awake in the afternoon he will just fuss usually. Yesterday I managed to keep him awake and put him to bed after a bath, br___tfeeding and a formula supplment thinking I'd get at least 4 hours of rest--WRONG! After all that he only slept 2 hours went to sleep and was up again from 2 to 4 am. I need expert advice. Did anyone find a book to be particularly helpful? I'll try anything (except leaving him cry by himself ).


jwhite - January 30

Try letting him fuss for like 5-10 minutes before going in after him, but also at this age they really don't sleep through the night much. Also he might have his days and nights mixed up so try feeding him more during the day and waking him up after 3 hours, don't let him sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time so he knows that he gets long sleep time at night. Let me know..


Emmie - January 30

I never used a book for sleeping and I know some people might think I am a bad mom for this but I would let my son fuss for 10 to 15 minutes before going in and comforting him and then leaving again. With doing this my son was sleeping 14 hours a night at this age. I think they have to wear them selves down. Also you have to be careful that they are not over tired. If he stayed awake to long in the daytime he may not be able to sleep at night. As long as the baby is not crying hard I think its okay to let your baby cry for a short time.


jwhite - January 30

I agree I only go in if she is really, really crying hard and if she hasn't been feeling good.


LisaB - January 30

I love Healthy Sleep Habit Happy Baby it was our sleep bible- I still use it at 14.5 months. My ds was a bad sleeper and he never slept thru until 12 months but it is very good regardless of my sleepless baby.


AlissaF - January 30

My gramma gave me the Dr. Sears book "the baby sleep book" after ds was born. I had actually forgotten about it till just now, but she swears by it and the reading in it that I did, it seems really good. thanks for bringing up this topic cause I am going to go read that book now and see if it helps me with my little one!


jwhite - January 31

AlissaF, I love Dr. Sears I go by everything almost he says. Him and his wife are awesome. I have their big book for the babys first years or something like that it's very thick.


Nerdy Girl - January 31

I agree with LisaB --- "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child" saved our sanity and has really helped us with both of our kids.


Perl - January 31

Thanks, that's 2 books I'll have to look into. If it worked for you I'll give it a shot. We were up from 2 to 4 am AGAIN this morning. . . .I see a pattern here that I have to break. I've been reading some of Dr. Sears comments on the web and I agree with him more than some of the other 'experts' out there.



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