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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 21

Ok, I hear they start that at 4 months, but to me that seems to early, I wasn't planning on cereal until she is about 6-7 months. When exactly did every start cereal (or plan to start)? Then actually food such as their finger foods? Then noodles and stuff?


javidsgirl - November 21

well it depends when the baby is ready but of course always consult your doctor before starting Most babies are ready for solid foods between ages 4 months and 6 months. Look for these cues: Can your baby hold his or her head in a steady, upright position Can your baby sit with support Does your baby seem hungry between regular feedings or wake for nighttime feedings after a period of sleeping through the night Is your baby interested in what you're eating If you answer no to any of these questions or you have a family history of allergies, you may want to postpone solids for a while.


javidsgirl - November 21

or atleast you have discussed with your doctor


DDT - November 22

I started cereal at 4.5 months with my ds. Finger foods depends on the baby because some don't develop their pincer grip until they are 11 months and others when they are 7 months. The gap is wide. You have to just offer it to them from about 7-8 months and they can practice picking up until they get it. My ds started eating puffs, cheerios, cheese, cottage cheese, toast, crackers & cookies at 8 months. Now he is 9 months and we haven't transitioned to actual table foods yet because I don't feel he is ready. He probably will be within the next month though. He won't eat cut up fruit or veggies...just plain refuses...but I keep offering anyway. You can start your lo on cereal at 6 months if you feel more comfortable with that. There is nothing wrong with that. My lo was showing signs of readiness and so I started at 4.5 months. When I did start it was very slowly for the 1st month. Then by the time he was 6 months old he was eating cereal, 1st fruits & veggies 2x a day. Good luck!


spamanda - November 23

We waited until about 5ish months to start cereal. DS was a great nurser and he didn't want it. Took probably over a month before he got the hang of cereal. After that other food went fine, but I'm really glad we waited as long as we did, since it was stressful enough. There are food allergies on both sides of our family, so we thought it was better to wait (per our doc's recommendation). You should definitely talk to your doctor before you start any kind of solids. Technically, they don't need it before 6 mos. We started finger foods probably around 7-8 mos, but like javidsgirl said it really depends on the child, how well they are eating, how well they pick things up, etc. DS is almost 15 months now and he's gotten PICKY, lol... he only wants to eat some foods, some times. It's terrible. Good luck and have fun, and don't stress over it. ~spam


excited2bemama - November 23

My lo will be 6 months next week. She has had cereal twice last week. I started with some fruits in a mesh feeder first b.c she is teething and likes cold juicy things to suck/chew on. If you wait till your lo is closer to 6 months then you really don't have to start with cereal if you don't want too. Things like bananas, avacado, and applesauce are fine to start with too. I give her a few sponnfuls of thing mostly fruits and veggies (occasionaly oatmeal every few days as I don't want her to decrease her nursing amount just yet.


sunniesmile - November 23

my dr. said when she has been on 32 -35 oz of formula for a while then you can start baby that i think about it - i need to ask how long is "a while" lo has had cereal in her bottle since she was 2 months b.c of acid reflux and she is 5 months now -- she's only taking 24 oz of formula b.c she is also getting the cereal in her bottle - so i don't think we will make it to baby food until she is 7 or 8 months by following the 32-35 oz guideline but if she is healthy that's ok by me :)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 23

Ok, I think I am just very paranoid about all of it...I don't feel like she will be ready. I just don't want to start her out with thing to quick.


britt_m - November 23

My lo started cereal at 4 months and a week. Now at 6 months shes eating two meals a day. She's had rice, oatmeal, apples, bananas, pears, squash, carrots, potatoes, brocolli, celery and a little prune juice. She's done great with everything except bananas, she was a bit fussy and didn't process the fibers (little black strings in poop), now she does fine with it. I also make my own baby food so she does get some chunks, I don't really puree just mush it good.


Cathy2 - November 23

Another thign to keep in mind is that if you are breatfeeding, your milk is constantly changing to meet the babies need and no solids are necessary at all until 6 months. HOwever, if you are formula feeding, your baby may very well have nutriational needs that extend beyond what is in formula. Don' trush it though, as long as you start around the 6/7 month mark...but check with your doctor of course.



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