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Lisa - October 20

How long were everyone's babies in 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes? My 1 month old is already in 3-6. Are those number actually supposed to be accurate??


momma - October 20

my daughter was out of newborn within 2 weeks and 03 by 6 weeks she surpa__sed 3-6 at 4 mo. and barley fits 6-9 and comfortably wears 12 mo. clths at 6 months. but as long as the baby isnt gaining an exesive amount of weight i wouldnt worry cuz babies grow sooo fast


BBK ® © - October 20

Hmm, let's see....newborn size about 2 days, 3-6 about two weeks. My daughter is a tad over 3 months and she's wearing 9-12 month clothes.... I think we bypa__sed the 6-9 size. The bigest issue is length; Each baby is different I suppose but so far I haven't heard of one case where the sizes were they way they were intended! Some clothes indicate pounds which is somewhat more accurate and helpful.


soleil - October 20

my 9 mo. old fits into 12-18 mo clothes but can fit to some shirts that are 9-12mo., she never really fit the sizes she was suppose to be wearing, i mean she is average size for a 9mo.


Karen - October 20

My little man came 4 weeks early. He is already in 3 -6 months and is 7 weeks old. I dont think they are accurate. MY friend's 5 month old is wearing 9 - 12 month . I woould not go by the size


Toya - October 20

lol. It was a waste for me to even by 0-3 month clothes...I should have started off 3-6 months...My daughter is 5 1/2 months old and she's been wearing 6-9 month clothes for a couple weeks now. She's a thanksgiving turkey. :)


HP - October 20

My son is 3 weeks old, and he still wears the 0-3. We'll see how fast he grows.


Jamie - October 20

My 2 month old is in 3-6 month clothes.


Jbear - October 20

The size varies a little by brand. My 2 month old is wearing a newborn size in Carters, a 3-6 month Old Navy, and is still too small to fit the 0-3 month Gymboree stuff I have.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 20

I agree that it depends on the brand! Right now Amaya has on a Osh Kosh outfit that is 0-3 months. In Old Navy, Gap, Tommy, Carters, and a few others she is wearing 6-9. She wore a few premie outfits when she first came home from the hospital. She stayed in 0-3 for about a month or month and a half. At first I didnt think she was going to start growing but then when she did she hasnt stopped! Also, you will find that anything that have feet they will grow out of the fastest!


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 21

My 2 month old id in 3-6 mos. 0-3 lasted for maybe 3 or 4 weeks, he actually did fit into his newborn for about 4 weeks. He will soon be in 6-9 mos as he is almost 15 lbs the little chunkeroo!


Michelle - October 21

My daughter is a pet_te thing. She is 16 months old and can still wear things that is 9-12 months in the top, but she has to have 12 month bottoms for the length, but they are to big in the waist. Its very had to get her clothes. She is 18 pounds and is 30 3/4 inches long. She is like my husband....tall and skinny!



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