Baby Clothes And Sizes

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srigles - March 14

Is anyone else completely frustrated with the sizes of baby clothes? My four-month-old is currently 14lbs 10oz - he's wearing a 12-month-old sleeper and a 26lb onesie! It's so frustrating trying to buy stuff! I just bought a few sleepers the other day for nine month old babies, and they're too SMALL! And my ds isn't a huge baby - he's only 24 inches long! He has some outfits for 3-month-olds that are way too big, and yet he's wearing stuff for babies that are 8 months older! I'm totally baffled! Just wanted to vent!


mcatherine - March 14

Well, I can tell you that if anything you have has a Carter's tag in it - you need to get them like 3 sizes too large and they will still shrink beyond belief!! Old Navy, Gap, OshKosh, Children's Place - they seem to be more true to actual sizes. My son is 6.5 months - anything in Carter's is 18 months. Everything else? 6-12 months like it should be!!


srigles - March 14

I know my ds is wearing Carters onesies for 9 month olds.... He can't even fit into the 6 month ones at all anymore....


eliz24 - March 14

I agree! it is so frustrating, Carter's does run sooo small on their sizes.My 11 month old is wearing 18 months stuff,but she has a preemie shirt,yeah preemie! that she still wears,it's ridiculous the way they size things. I guess it's a pretty hard job though since every baby is different...


ashtynsmom - March 14

My dd is 13 mos and still wearing 9 ms clothes b/c she has a tiny waist. She needs 12 mo in the lenght, but they just fall off of her. I get SOO frustrated!! They need to make belts for babies!!


mosley12 - March 14

my ds is 4 months, and wears mostly 6-12 months. i know oldnavy and gap, which he mostly wears cause thats all we have have sizes in 6-12, instead of like 6-9. but i know how frustrating it can me..he still has a pair of 0-3 months that are to big!


ssmith - March 14

My dd (10.5 m) can seem to wear clothes in all different sizes, I know what you mean about it being frustrating to know what sizes to buy!! She is still wearing some onsies from the Children's Place that are sized 0-3 months!! Yet, I bought her a bathing suit from babyGap sized 12-18 months and it was too small. I wish that these companies would get on the same page!


BriannasMummy - March 14

Oh I sooo know exactly what you all mean!! Ka__sidy is three months old she is wearing premie clothes, newborn clothes, and 0-3 month clothes. Its CRAZY how much these clothes can differ. I actually find that Old navy clothes run short. Like when dd was 2 I bought her 2t pants and they only fit her for a week.. every single other pair of clothing that she owned at that point was either 12 months or 18months and they all fit her perfectly. Ashtynsmom: I know exactly how you feel having a baby that needs the length but the clothes dont fit around the waste. Because they didnt make belts for her, I resorted to bunching up the pants on either side and sewing them! In the summer she was wearing 6m old clothes for about 3 years in the summer time!! I think they should make universal sizes so that all the companies are the EXACT SAME!! ~Kristin~


Allie - March 14

I also sew in the waist on dd's clothes...a little dart at the waist and they don't fall off :)


mandee25 - March 14

My ds will be 4 months old next week and he wears mostly 6/9 months. He is 26 inches long and is over 16 lbs. I just dug out some of his 12 month clothes to see if they will fit soon and I think some will. He is long! It's hard to know what to buy especially if you see a good deal and don't know if they will be in that size or not according to the season.


mosley12 - March 14

has anyone else noticed ralph lauren runs small to? for christmas, when ds was 2 months old, my mom bought ds a ton of 9 m ralph lauren clothes. the pants are a little big but wearable, and the shirts he will probably outgrow in another month or so..i rememeber thinking why would she buy 9 m when he wont fit in that for another 7 months or so!


Lchan - March 14

I've noticed with Carter's that if it says 12 months that means your child will have totally outgrown it by 12 months. My mom bought my son a 2T shirt from Jersey Boys. I was going to put it away for next year and I'm so glad that I held it up to another shirt first. At 11 months its almost too small for him and he wears 9-12 month sizes. I've found Babygap to be pretty accurate in sizing as well as Gymboree, which is a tiny bit bigger than babygap. Surprisingly Janie & Jack seems to run small on him and they are owned by Gymboree so I don't understand that.


Erynn21 - March 14

I agree completely, I have my dd in Carter's pajamas, and some are 6 month(which she is) and some are "large" which is supposed to be 6-9 months, it's just weird. I have some onesies that have fit her since birth and they still fit, then I have others that are Carters(again) and they say 0-3 months and they are big on her now, I just don't get it.



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