Baby Clothes Brand New Must Be Washed

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annabanana - February 5

My husband disagrees on this and I know you have to wash all brand new baby clothes before your baby wears it. Is anybody not washing baby clothes?


Rhiannon - February 5

I used to, but now that they are almost 6 months, I have begun slacking off. They have had no problems and I also use regular detergent and no name dryer sheets.


mcatherine - February 5

I wash everything before he wears it!


SonyaM - February 5

I used to but not anymore. My kids are 4.5 and 16 months so unless the clothes have that new smell or seem like they need it I don't wash them first.


Hana - February 5

I never washed any of ds's clothes and he's perfectly fine. Speaking of clothes i did have one of those severe mummy brain moments.. i had put dirty rags into the washing machine and dh had decided to wash clothes and washed ds's clothes without seeing the rags... i didn't find out until i saw the dry rags LOL terrible i shouldn't even laugh!


Guest - February 5

I washed all onesies..the ones that were right next to babies skin. Some other "nicer items" other than sleepers I did not wash as to maintain their appearance. My daughter is just fine and has not even had diaper rash or any other skin irritations.


Guest - February 5

P.S. I do use baby detergent and rinse items 2X's after the clothing that has been worn after first time..go figure :)


jb - February 5

I washed stuff that I got from my baby shower. After that, I was to lazy to do it. My dd has been just fine. Next time around, I won't bother pre washing.


mandee25 - February 5

I washed some of his new clothes, but not all. Oops! He is fine though. I guess it's up to the mommy.


LisaB - February 5

Maybe I'm not the norm but I still wash everything for my ds first and hes almost 15 months. I also wash alot of my clothes first esp. bras and undies. Gross, gross gross.


Erynn21 - February 5

I personally like to wash everything for my family before it's worn, just as precaution to anything being on it.


ash2 - February 5

I washed all the new stuff up untill he was about 6 months old, now i just put it on him new. He is 8 months old. The only reason for washing in the first place is because of allergies to the skin and sesnsitivity to it.


Nita_ - February 5

i wash all my baby clothes before 1st use! although her xmas outfit i was scared will lose shape so I didnt wash, and she seemed to be fine! Although she only wore it once for a few minutes (till I could get some photos taken! LOL!


Brittany - February 5

My in laws think I'm crazy for washing everything before I use it. I do it because I've watched people drop clothes onto the floor, STEP on them or run them over with shopping carts accidentally and hang them right back up on the hanger. I also think of all the dust from hanging on those hangers for months and I just cringe. I wash ALL of my kids clothes, blankets, socks, toys, EVERYTHING before it touches them or comes close to their stuff. I've never heard of someone getting sick from unwashed clothes though lol, I guess it's just something I do and something that makes me feel better.


Erynn21 - February 5

I know Brittany, I think of where they have been i.e.cargo containers from China(or wherever they were made)and think ick, I never used to be this way. I never thought about the clothes falling on the floor in the store, so true, yucky.


bradylove - February 5

Eww! I wash EVERYTHING too. Even for myself! Lord only knows where it's been before you bought it! I can't even imagine puttng anything on my baby's skin or mine for that matter before washing it. Maybe I'm a nut job for doing this but I also wash all toys, stuffed animals etc...even stuff that says surface wash only, I throw in the washer anyway. If it comes out ruined then it's just not baby worthy! lol


jenrodel - February 5

I wash all of my ds clothes, blankets, bibs etc, anything of his before he wears it. I do the same with a lot of my stuff too... especially bras, undies etc... not always with my own shirts or pants, but with all of ds things I do.



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