Baby Detergent

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Leslie - January 30

Hello New Mommies! I'm 35 weeks pregnant with my first baby and was wondering if you experienced moms could tell me what type of laundry detergent is best for baby?? Thanks much!


H - January 30

I used Ivory soap the first two months and later used regular Tide because it got the stains out better.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 30

At first I used All Baby, it smells just like a baby and worked great, but now my daughter is 9 months and I am using All Free and Clear (I use it on all of our clothes)


Jamie - January 30

I used 1 bottle of Baby All. When the bottle was about half empty, I started doing half baby all, and half regular all - now I just use regular detergent.


FF - January 30

I use my regular detergant- Sun or Xtra. I did wash some of his newborn stuff in Dreft because I got a bottle as a gift but after that just used my regular one. He's never had a problem.


Jbear - January 30

I use All Stainlifter...I've never used special baby soap.


Lillie E - January 30

i used some kind of baby detergent, but it just wouldnt get his clothes clean even when i spray-n-washed then... i just use tide.


Christy - January 30

I have used Dreft and Ivory Snow. Both are fine, but Dreft is really expensive. I am going to try this dye and fragrance free detergent I bought on sale with Ben's next load of laundry. I can let you know how that goes.


Silvie - January 30

I thought one has to use special detergents for infant too...but when my son was like three weeks old and I used regular Xtra detergent with regular fabric softener to give it a try....he seemed to be just fine. So no more expensive special baby detergents..I use regular "adult" ones and use gentle cycle. I dont see why to waste money on hypoallergenic ones (but if your baby is prone to allergies I would definitely buy hypoallergenic ones).


S - January 31

I bought a box of Dreft to use for my took me a long time to use the entire about 6 weeks....only because her clothes were so little and you don't have to use alot at soon as that box was finished, I just used like Ivory or anything for sensitive skin. Now I just wash her clothes with my own clothes in whatever detergent I have at hand.....


MJM - January 31

a great fabric softner is downy sensitive. It does not bother my son and his clothes are as soft as can be.


shaylanrae - January 31

am i horrible for using regular all, only? i hope not. i read that baby detergents arent all that much better, you just have to make sure and not use too much and make sure it all gets rinsed out. i read that in "what to expect the first year"


Lillie E - January 31

yeah ihad the liquid dreft... it sucked


Lisa - January 31

I was watching Yummy Mummy a tv show about parenting and it said not to use fabric softener on baby clothes as it takes out whatever makes them flame retardant. Just fyi


SHelly - January 31

i have the liquid dreft too, and its not all that good. i need advise on how to get those formula stains out. what does everyone use for that. my sons little white tees have brown stains that dont come out in the wash.


melissa mama to taylor - February 1

shaylanrae--I also use the regular All, have since dd was born, never used anything special, and she does just fine with it.


Shannon - February 1

i'd get Dreft just to be sure your baby isn't detergent sensitive but for me itwas a waste of money because the regular stuff is perfectly fine for our girl. i don't really like the way it smells, not that it smells a lot but ya know



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