Baby Dislikes Some People

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Jadyns Mommy - September 23

I cant help but notice that everytime Jadyn goes to her fathers mother, she begins to arch her back, wiggle alot and become fussy. His mother tries to say that Jadyn is too young (she is 4.5 months) to determine if she does not like someone and that she just happens to be cranky every single friggin time she picks her up but I really think Jadyn cant stand the woman! Anyone elses babies show signs that they did not like someone at this early of an age? I really dont mind if she doesnt like her, I am just curious if anyone else has seen this too.


MJM - September 23

My daughter from day one would never go to a guy with facial hair. Everyone else no problem. Some babies are a good judge of character LOL. Dont take that personal but the people my daughter did not like either did I all that much. She has grown out of it though but of course now she is 4 1/2 yrs old. She gets mad if I dont say 4 AND A HALF! So dont worry she will grow out of it.


Kathryn - September 23

My son also does that with his paternal grandma!! He loves going to my mom but she watches him 3-4 days a week. .


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 23

I think Amaya can tell the people that I don't like very much because she cries everytime certain people hold her. I would cry too! Babies normall really hate the poeple holding them that want them to like them the most!


N - September 23

Stephanie, i totally agree with you. With my son, the more you try, the less he wants to do with you. That's how he's always been. I really do think that babies and toddlers know when people are bad news too.. they don't descriminate between age, race, s_x, or social status.. they pretty much say hi to anyone.. but there are just some people they want nothing to do with..


nelly - September 23

You know ,I actually did this when I was a baby towards my aunt my mom told me even when I was just a few months old I would start crying and screaming when she came aroud and even when I was a couple years old. I even remember she needed a ride and I remember screaming and crying and she ended up riding in the back of the truck. My mom told me that my aunt kept her upset while she was pregnant with me and thats more than likely why.


Jadyns Mommy - September 23

Haha nelly, you may have hit it right on the head. This woman drove me completely nuts while I was pregnant to the point I would just be grinding my teeth as she lectured me so maybe thats why Jadyn cant stand her!!!! hehe


Jamie - September 24

Oh dear...if that's true, then my daughter's going to hate both of her But, yes, a baby can dislike someone even at 4.5 months.


Tami - September 24

I think babies have preferences for sure! I wouldn't know with my sweet girl yet-she isn't born and is determined to come late! My nephew on the other hand just adores me (I am biased though) and my husband but he won't let my sister's brother in law come anywhere near him. My sister doesn't like him very much, so I am thinking that maybe the babies pick up on their mother's or father's feelings towards someone.


angela - September 24

i think a 4.5 month can tell if she likes someone or not. my 5 month old cries when strangers hold her and she can definetly tell the difference between me and my IDENTICAL twin sister. i thought for sure she'll get confused like evrybody we know. but somehow she nows i'm her mommy its the best feeling ever :)


gienie - September 26

are you encouraging this anti-social behavior?


Jadyns Mommy - September 26

No Gienie, I am not encouraging anti-social behaviour but thanks for your concern.



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