Baby Doesn T Burp

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Kris10 - January 13

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get a baby to burp after feedings? I will start to give her the bottle (ebm) and I hear she takes in air, so I try to burp her.. and burp her... and burp her. But nothing! And then she is in so much pain, and can't take much more from the bottle because she has an air bubble. This is even more frustrating during the 2am/3am feeding!! Please help us! We're desperate.. my poor baby has been living on gas drops.. which might I add don't seem to help much. Anyone else have this issue - what do you guys do?


Barb - January 13

hmmm... we've been blessed with a good little belcher...haha...but I do know that HOW you burp your baby has alot to do with it. It's not the patting on the back that makes your baby burp,but the gentle pressure on her ...I would think sitting her up with your hand on her tummy might be the best way if she needs help or laying her across your knees on her tummy....if you're already doing that, another way that usually works for to stand her up then sit her down again putting gentle pressure on her tummy (leaning her forward) and repeating this a few times up and down,up and down..... hope that helps =)


Kristina - January 13

lol when Tasia was 4-6 weeks old she lived off of gripe water as well!! She is almost 11 weeks now and has been better about getting her burps out..I really don't have any suggestions, cause I had to use gripe water alot..and once I reached the limit to how much I could give her I just had to pace got really tiring =(


Jen - January 13

Tristan is the same way- I ususally get a small burp, but he is such a pig and gulps his milk down like nobody's business. Plus, I am nursing and my letdown is extremely forceful and he tries so hard to keep up. I have found that holding kim tight against my chest (putting his head near my b___sts) and holding him tight around his belly while supporting his head and bouncing for a few minutes works pretty well. Be careful though cuz this method can also make him spit up. The gas drops don't work for us either, plus they gave him diarreah.


Lisastar9 - January 13

My only suggestion would be to have baby on your laphold on to her chin cupped in one hand to support her neck muscles and ask her to tell you a story ,I believing having a child talk forces air to come up. I could be wrong,this is what I did with my kids . Hope this helps


lauren - January 13

There is a product called Oval, its made for babies and works great, its for babies with colic and really helps to get the gas up! You can get it at any pharmacy, good luck :)


Erin - January 13

I couldn't get my baby to burp either until I started hanging him over my shoulder so that he was stretched out a little more. Now he burps almost as soon as I put him in that position, without any back patting.


Kris10 - January 13

thanks for all the great suggestions.. I am about to try some of them now.. I hear her waking from her morning nap. It's just so frustrating seeing her with gas pains and not being able to help her! So, hopefully one of these things will work for her... thanks for all your help.


Christy - January 13

I find the position Erin is talking about to be effective. I also sit him on my lap and lean him forward. He hates that one, but it works.


Toya - January 13

I agree with's the slight pressure on the tummy that helps.


Sian1 - January 14

My son isnt a very good burper either, then my friend gave me a bottle of infants friend.It is excellent stuff ( not sure where you are, so im not sure if you'd have it). After i give him a bit if the infants friend then lay him down it all comes out- both ends!


mommy716 - January 14

I tried to burp Michael but he would never burp for me or Keith so we just feed him and let him play and he burps on his own


pbj - January 14

What works for my daughter is to put her over my shoulder with her tummy flat against me, I pull her legs straight and pat her lower sometimes takes a few minutes but it works. Same thing happened to us in the middle of the night before we could get her to burp. For me, the gas drops made it worse, of course that's just my opinion. You just have to find what works for her. Don't give up...try a position for a few minutes then move her around to another position...moving them around seems to help as well. Good luck! Let us know if you have any success.



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