Baby Doesnt Burp

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Joanna - November 10

Hi, I have a 12 days old daughter (first preg, br___tfed)....She doesnt burp after every feed. I try to pat her for 10 minutes continuously and tat doesnt help. She only has hiccups for 2-3 mins after every feed. She has a lot of gas...her tummy feels really hard. What should i do to get the gas out and to get her to burp?? I give her gripe water twice a day and it hasnt helped much. Thanks in advance.


Toya - November 10

In what position do you burp her? Over your shoulder? On her belly on your lap? Sitting up on your lap? Try rubbing her back upwards while she's sitting on your lap...Some say that what the mother eats affects the baby as far as gas is concerned...I never experienced it to be true however.


monica - November 10

bounce her up and down a few times. that usually brings up the air and she will burp.


Eryn - November 10

My little one is the same way. I sit her up then lean her forward like she is streching for her toes and it helps alittle. Hope this helps


Jamie - November 10

Does she seem to be in pain? My experience with my daughter is, she burps when she needs to, even if it's 3 hours after a feeding. Or, give her her tummy time right after she eats. The pressure should help work things out.


Jbear - November 10

I couldn't get my first daughter to burp, ever. She was a preemie and I couldn't take her home from the hospital until I could burp her. So the nurses told me to sit her upright on my knee, supporting her back and head with one hand, and holding her chest and chin with the other, and slowly rock her back and forth and side to side. It worked great. It was a little awkward to learn at first, but it was worth it. When she could hold her head up, I would bounce her gently on my knee...we made up a burp song to sing to her for it.


leslie - November 10

oh I hate the burping thing!! so anoyying! changing a dirty diaper is even better! at the beggining I could pat his little back until it was red and no burp would come out, I hated it.. I have gotten better what works better IMO is rubbing instead of patting..also what works even better is after I would feed him I would let him lay down for a little bit, then I would pick him up and walk with him..for some reason everytime I walk with him he always burps and not once but like 2 or 3 times!! maybe it will work for you too.


Heidi - November 10

My daughter didn't burp much when I first brought her home from the hospital. I b___stfeed too. But after about a week she got a bad bellyache and I realized this was why. Try laying her on your chest while you're reclined in a chair or propped up by a couple pillows in bed and lay her on her tummy and pat her back. That one works good cus they have to relax on your chest and you can sort of push your tummy out to put pressure on theirs. Make sure you have a burp rag! If my daughter has bad gas a lot of times I can lift her legs up and down and she'll rip some good ones every time and pa__s right out afterwards. It's so funny. She's four weeks now.


Nini - November 10

My daughter was the same way so what i used to do was wrap her tight in a receiving blanket and put her over my shoulder ,then i would burp her.Also i would sometimes when she was as week old mix a little karo syrup i n her bottle(just a teaspoon)and sometimes that would work and other times it wouldn't but for sure the blanket did.


Karen - November 12

Kodi is 10.5 weeks now and I had the seem problem. I just rubbed his back and kept tapping. Sometimes he still nows not. I dont lie him down right away and but him on his back with face to the side. Grip water helps and tapping his belly with the gas.


Lesley - November 12

Breastfed babies don't get as much wind as bottlefed. My daughter never burped, and my son doesn't burp often either.


Heidi - November 12

I b___stfeed and my 5 wk old burps and farts like there's no tomorrow! Ha ha!



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