Baby Eating Early

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mom42 - November 13

My baby is just over 3 months. She has never taken a bottle (she's br___tfed). She has just started eating rice cereal and is doing pretty well with it. I'm excited that my husband will actually be able to feed her while I'm at work! So, my question is, since she is still so young, should I stick with just rice cereal or can I start introducing other foods as I would with an older baby? Anyone have expereince with this? Thanks!


Mom - November 13

Is she an older baby? No, so the answer is just that. They don't have a time-table for the fun of it. It's not just about the ability to swallow. I suggest doing some research and also talk to your doctor. Good luck.


q - November 14

i tried cereal about a week b4 she was 4 months (she was playing with a spoon and got mad after she put it in her mouth) she is doing just fine now a 7 months.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 14

For centuries people have been feeding their babies when they felt it was right without waiting for a doctor to come along with a new set of rules every few years, and most people are doing just fine as a result. My son is 3 months this week and has been on cereal since 5 weeks for reflux. Guess what! He is still here and thriving. And I also-Gasp!- have started giving him orange veggies and he is still okay. Imagine that. I personally think it is ridiculous to wait and give kids any solids until 6 mos. I think if baby can handle it, swallows it, no allergies and is ready it should be a decision made case by case. Every infant is different. I don't mean to get sarcastic, but these doctors mean well, but they come up with new things and rules every few years, get people all into a panic thinking if they do not follow the new rule to the letter you will have your infant seriously ill or god knows what else. And then all the "perfect" people out there who want to lecture others for doing what they feel is right for their baby just because it is not the latest thing in the baby books is really not fair. If your baby is ready, do it. My doc knows about my baby eating solids and is fine with it. I also have to wait a week to introduce new things due to his soy allergy. That is common sense, not what the "experts" recommend. My child will be eating table food by 6 mos and guess what. He will be just fine. It is again, a personal choice just as many other things are.


d - November 14

My nurse told me to avoid giving egg white, strawberries, kiwi, peanut, dairy, chocolate, fresh fruit(but its o.k to give cooked purred fruit), and wheat before 1 year. I've also read that in other places. The reason as mentioned is to prevent allergies and to make sure the system is stronger to handle these foods. The risk is there. Not that it will happen to everyone but it did happen to my brother who is allergic to wheat. It is recommended /suggested to parents to b___st feed by 6 months and then introduce solids twice a day replacing two milk feedings. For children who are being bottle fed formula I can understand if they are being fed solid foods earlier because its better more natural than formula. For babies with reflux too I know people who just used rice cereal in the bottle to keep the food down. That's o.k but I think the concern is introducing many other solids early. My nurse told me to b___st feed as much as I could because b___st milk has everything good for the baby and has less fat than formula. My baby also liked rice/barley cereal and not the bottle when I was trying to wean him off b___stfeeding. But the nurse said that he has to drink fluids and not just solids to get his proper nutrition. Depending on the age there is a certain amount of milk and solids they should drinking and eating in total per day. You have to decide if you want to pump and b___st feed in a bottle or both or formula bottle feed when going back to work.



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