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brittany - November 27

Hi I have a 2 month old little girl who has severe eczema. I don't know what else to do for her I've tried steroids, and now doing the oatmeal baths, using eucerin, and hydrocortizone and my poor little girl isn't getting any better. I'm at my end about this I have no idea what to do for her and I'm becoming extremely stressed out cause I feel so bad. Does anyone know of any mircle treaments for eczema? I'd really appreciate any advice or support my little girl means the world to me. Thanks in advance


Lesley - November 27

Try sudocrem. It doesn'y completly heal it but it stops the itching and redness. Baby eczema is a thing most children grow out of. So she might not have it all her life.


desiree - November 27

I have heard of oxygenated olive oil. It is supposed to be wonderful in the treatment of eczema. My son has a mild case on his cheeks, the woman that told me about it reccomended just plain store bought exta virgin olive oil because it wasn't severe. It helped immensly, especially the patches on his legs and arms.


amy p - November 27

hello my son has eczema he is now 2 in a half and he was diagnosed at 3 is a have to find out what "triggers" it and makes it worse..also what works really well for us is Triamcinalone the doctor prescribed and we put that on and then vit a&d over it to help it absorb and not get rubbed for him? also we can not use regular soap...we have to use sensitive skin dove. also dove shampoo and i still have to wash clothes with dreft??? my son was also allergic to milk and that made his eczema worse so we switched to say...hope this helps....


Cindy - November 28

Like Amy says you have to find out what causes it. Are ther allergies in your family? If so eliminate those things from the diet. Are you b___stfeeding? Some babies get eczema from cows milk. Other common allergins are eggs, citrus fruit, and wool. Try an elimination diet to find out what causes the problem. If you can eliminate the cause then you won't have to use any medications. Keep in mind that it takes 2-3 weeks for dairy products to leave the system fully. Good luck in your detective work.



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