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Nurs2b21 - February 14

I need major 2 month old has suddenly started getting started on his cheeks and also he had runny poop. I took him to doc and she switched him to soy thinking he was allergic to milk....well he screamed and got constipated and didn't do well at all on soy so she took him off of soy saying it wasn't good for his system. Well...she said to put him back on milk based formula and watch his symptoms...I have had him back on the milk for 3 days and he has runny poop again and the eczema has spread all over his head and on his chest and hands...also around his mouth and forehead. I am so sick and tired of running around messing around with the doctors...i just want to know whats wrong with my baby. He doesn't act like it hurts him or anything at all. Its just this eczema is spreading and i go through a ton of outfits in a day cause of the poop running out his diaper. Sorry this is so!


whynotme - February 15

My daughter also has eczema and has had it since basically birth. She is 9 months old now. What my pediatrician has me put on it is hydrocortisone cream twice a day and aquaphor a few times a day to keep it moisturized. It seems to work pretty good but once you stop putting it on it comes back so it's an every day routine. As for the runny poop, my daughter doesn't have that. I'm no doctor but I don't think that the runny poop is directly related to the eczema. I would say that it's more the formula. Maybe you could take your little one to another dr. for a 2nd opinion. Good luck.


bbmax - February 15

My little guy who just turned 5 months also has eczema and I was given a prescription for hydrocortisone cream as well. It cleared up his eczema over night and as long as I keep putting it on regularly my dr said it should keep the eczema away. I don't thing runny poop is related to eczema. Try keeping you baby on milk based formula but just switch him to another brand. Does you brand have Omega 3 in it? That's a little more fatty than the kind that doesn't. Maybe the formula you are using has something extra added to it that it causing diareah. What kind of water are you using for your formula? Are the nipples steralized?


bbmax - February 15

Oh yes, one more thing you might want to consider. Ready to feed and concentrated formula also gave my ds problems so I switched to powder after a few weeks and noticed a positive change.


kimberly - February 15

It sounds like a lactose problem to me. If the soy didn't work try a lactose free formula. I am pretty sure I have seen a can that has lactose free formula on it. Definately seems formula related.


kimberly - February 15

I just searched lactose free formula and Similac has one. (Similac Lactose Free)


Bridget - February 15

My son had eczema at 4 months and he had the same reaction when we tried to soy formula and we now know he's allergic to soy (and wheat and eggs, so watch for that later) He didn't have the super runny poop but the eczema was a battle and we still get little flare-ups once in a while, then we use Mometasone (a type of hydrocortisone, it's the best out there, for him anyway) His system in general did seem to calm down (and poops got more firm) when I put him on a formula sweetened with rice syrup rather than corn syrup (like almost all of them are) The name of it is Baby's Only and it's organic, so that may help too. It only comes in powder form and the shipping is free if you order a case but to just give it a try, you can find it in bigger health food places like Whole Foods. It's about $10 a can. There is also the Alimentum stuff but boy does it smell bad and if you start that too late the baby may not take it cuz it's so gross, but it's super hypo-allergenic (sp?) But it's sweetened with corn too. Let us know how anything you try works. BTW my DS will be 2 on Sunday but I remember the eczema blues well.


amyjo - February 16

My LO has eczema....not related to formula or soy. It is just on his cheeks and his chin.. we were told to use the hydrocortione creme before bed - so he'll have a less likely chance of ingesting it.... I notice he has flair ups when I skip a bath, as he gets a bath every night. My best advice would be to do the hydrocortizone cream at night... and aquaphor during the day, you can use the aquaphor up to 3x a day, it is a petroleum based product, so if they get it into their mouth, it's not poisionous... However, do not use the hydrocortizone cream for longer than 7 days in a row.. the aquaphor really does wonders... Also wash your lo's face with water, not soap, as soap can be drying and worsen the condition....and wash/wipe it off several times a day, especially before applying any creams... I don't know about the loose stools though.. That doesn't sound like it could be from eczema. Our 10 month old suddenly became 'intolerant' to his similac formula and had to be put on soy.. he is now 11 months and we've had no problems. He did have some hard poops the first week or so with the soy, but all is good just takes some time for them to get used to it. Our pedi mentioned just giving him whole milk when he kept vomiting up his similac, but was worried about his iron, so that is the only reason she switched him to soy....he shows no allergies to cheese, yogurt , etc..... Oh! and never use baby wipes to wipe off your lo's face.... they contain chemicals the can make the eczema worse. Just plain water and a washcloth is all you need.


Nurs2b21 - February 17

Thanks for all your responses....I just really feel l like this is formula related. He only had the rash on his cheeks and now that we've switched him to the milk based formula it has spread everywhere! The doc gave me some cream to put on it and it doesn't help it. It takes the red away for a little while but other than that it doesn't do anything. bbmax..I use bottled water for my formula and yes the nipples are sterilized. I use Similac Advance..I need to look at the Omega 3. I'm calling the doc back tomorrow and telling her his symptoms. I just hate he's going through this mess. Thanks everyone!


name - February 17

I've been using prescription Cultivate on both my kids and has helped tremendously


Bridget - February 22

Oh, I just remembered something about the Omega 3 stuff you mentioned. All the formula companies are putting it in their formula and it's supposed to be just great and simulate b___st milk but there is a catch. The sources for many formulas DHA/ARA (including Similac)are soil fungus and an algae that are grown in tanks. This may sound unbelievable but if you dig deep enough you'll find the info. So if you have a child prone to allergies, food and others (like: MOLD which =fungus) then the formulas that have that kind of DHA in it may irritate their tummies or even their skin on their faces or other places the formula drips.Here is an example: My son is allergic to peanuts. After his bath my husband picked him out of the tub and he (my DH) had been eating peanuts with his left hand. My son had a thumbprint sized cluster of hives on his chest. We didn't even figure it out til after he went to bed, but that was it and it was gone in the AM. It was weird!


mamatom - February 24

my son had really bad eczema on his back and the only lotion that worked for him was baby aveno lotion.. I smother him in that stuff... as for runny poop, maybe he's lactose intolerant.. My friend had the same thing happen to her boy and the only thing he can drink now is goat's milk.. But he had runny poop for like 2 weeks straight before they could figure out what was wrong.. She tried many different formulas and it turned out he was lactose intolerant.. Now he's much better with goat's milk. also, watch out for dehydration too.. good luck



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