Baby Eczema Help

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Atira36 - October 15

My son has Eczema really bad on his face, fingers, & knees. His face is the worse because it's where he scratches the most. I have tried every cream on the shelf & have been using a 2.5 hydrocortisone we were prescribed on his cheeks where it is really cracked. It seems as though the creams will clear up his body but not his poor cheeks. Recently, his skin actually got infected from scratching & he is now on antibiotics. My new approach is just the hydrocortisone & vaseline. Any other ideas? I just want to stop him from feeling so itchy...poor baby!


kim00 - October 15

Both my girls have terrible eczema. They are both on RX steriod cream and I use cetaphil on them after their bath. I put mittens on my 7 week old, but they always fall off, so it's a constant battle to keep them on.


alisara - October 16

Hi Atira36 - My son also had really bad eczema -legs, knees, arms, back and face(still battles with break outs every now and then) We used every cream under the sun. For us, the dermatologist told us to use Hydrolatum (it is hydrated petrolium - looks like a watery white cream) I still use it on my son every day a few times a day to maintain his skin. It is NOT a steroid cream, which is good. It is not prescription, but is behind the pharmacy - you will have to ask for it. It is in a 1lb tub. This will not stop the itch, but will stop it from drying out and cracking. Otherwise, only bath him every other night and only use Dove bar soap in necessary areas. Make sure he is rinsed really good. Lube him up in the hydrolatum immediately after a bath...even when he is still damp (to lock in the moisture) Like I said, we were prescribed every cream/lotion under the sun. I would put the 1% hydrocortizone on his bad spots and put a layer of the hydrolatum over that. Also...and this was just my got so bad that we brought our son to an allergist...turned out he was allergic to milk. The change to presciption formula really made a difference, but did not clear it completely (as it usually doesn't) ...but I have learned how to maintain it. It is an awful thing to go through...but it will get better! If you have any other questions...I'm here!


searfoss6 - October 16

My son also had eczema as a baby. At first I thought it might be food allergies but after awhile it ended up being eczema. Beside Hydrocordozone, I found that Eucerine ointment also worked great. It can be found at Walmart, but they are usually sold out so I got a prescription from his doctor. It seems to get alot worse during the winter because of the dry heat in the house. Thankfully my son outgrew his by the age of one this past February so I am hoping he doesnt' get it back again because winter is coming. His used to start on his left cheek and then right cheek and end up on his forehead and finally on the back of his head if he got it bad enough. He too also used to scratch at it and made it look really bad. The only thing I could do for him was to make sure his fingernails were cut really short every couple of days. Also the doc told me to use only brand name shampoo and soap, the kind with no perfumes or dyes. He said dont' use the generic ones that say they are for sensitive skin because they add alot of extra additives that could make it worse. I used Alveeno. Now I only use Johnsons & Johnsons for all his bath times.


Hoping - October 16 daughter had a slight case of eczema and my doctor told me to try some lotion called helped a lot! You can get it at any drugstore.


Atira36 - October 18

Thanks for all the advice. Alisara- I haven't heard of teh Hydrolatum, I'll have to try that. Thank you! My son's eczema seems worse now that I stopped b___stfeeding 2 weeks ago, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.


DB - October 18

RX cream!! It saved my dd's skin!!!! Ask your doctor!! And ezcema is closely related to milk issues and food allergies...maybe switch to soy if you're on cow's milk formula? Just a thought...of course I'd ask your ped.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 18

I know someone who has it, and I believe it was because of food allergies so when they did the allergy tests on him, he was allergic to almost everything. Food, Flowers everything. His diet I believe he was only allowed to eat wheat or something, not sure. But oatmeal baths, (if suggested not sure, didn't read most posts lol) helped a lot. I used to have it on my elbows and knees really bad, so I would put a sock on it so it would keep me from skin on skin itching. Put some gloves on your son, depending on how old he is, put some gauze on it when you are staying in, that way he won't itch straight on, if that makes sense. Also keep in mind that for some it is like asthma in the skin, so talk with you doc about that



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