Baby Einstein Caterpillar Discover Amp Play Activity Center

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Annette - June 7

I am looking for some toy for my 4 mo son. He can´t sit up unasisted yet, but he is sooo fed up with laying on his back, he wants me to hold him upstraight all the time. I need something to entertain him in this position, I looked at the exersaucer first but seems to have bad reviews. Then I found the Baby Einstein Caterpillar Discover & Play Activity Center and seems to be better, the only problem is that they won´t tell anywhere as of what age it is appropiate to put a baby in there. Does anyone know? Has anyone tried it?


Kel - June 7

I would say as long as he had good head control he should be fine in it. I can't wait to get me dd into her exersaucer, we have some time though,. she is only 11 weeks.


nic nac - June 7

Hi Annette the majority if not all exersaucer type activity centers are appropriate for ages 4 months. I have the exersaucer deluxe and I put my dd in it at 3 1/2 months with a blanket around her mid section for extra support. The exersaucer I have only has one part that I took off that I thought was dangerous, the cell phone piece. Other than that it's great and my dd loves it. If I knew about the einstein one I would have gotten that one instead. It has plush soft toys that are user friendly.


LisaB - June 7

Once your ds has good head control you can put himin an exersaucer I wouldn't leave him unattended until he masters the head control thing. I bought ds the circus exersaucer ( it was cheaper than BE) and he loves it. I think any are great I know ds LOVES his.


Evans mommy - June 7

Annette, I bought this for my son when he was just beginning his 5th what 17-18 weeks I think. He loves it, and I thought it looked better than the others I compared it to. What I did to make it easier on him at first - folded a blanket and put it under his feet so he could stand flat, and put him in backwards so his chest would fall against the higher part of the seat, less work to keep his body straight. It a good one! He's 27 weeks now and still loves it.


Annette - June 7

Thank you all! I think I might go for it.


K - June 8

I think as long as your baby has good head control it is appropriate. My 3 1/2 month old's absolute favorite toy is the Deluxe Jumperoo. It always gets us big smiles and giggles. She loves the music it makes (gets mad if it stops) and loves to make it sway and to play with the two toys on it (a spinner and bar with sliders). She hasn't figured out how to really make it bounce on her own yet, but she will. We have the exersaucer too which she likes and I think is good, but it has so many toys on it that right now it is still a little overwhelming and she doesn't want to stay in it very long (unlike the Jumperoo where she would stay until she fell asleep if we let her). She does love to turn the pages on the electronic book and listen to the sound they make. I'm sure as she gets older and it is not so overwhelming she will really start to like the Exersaucer too.


MichelleB - June 8

I used my nursing pillow to sit him up. And put toys in front of him or with him. He did occasionally fall forward, but probably within a week he developed muscles to sit up and play.



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