Baby Fell Off The Bed

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me - January 27

I was with my baby in the bedroom, he was playing on the bed and I was fixing my closet. For a few second I was busy doing my things and when I saw him, he was in the corner of the bed with his body on the top of the pillow (I used pillow as a baricade, that certainly won't work now) and his body was hanging with his feet on the top and head in the bottom. Before I caught him he fell with his head hitting the floor. The room is carpeted, but I am so worried!!! He cried for few seconds, and acted normally after that. Should I be worried, I feel horrible, I know it's my fault. Has your baby fell off the bed??? Thankx for listening me venting


HELLO - January 27

Even i can admit that happened to me. If he only cried for a few seconds its a good sign. The myth about not letting them sleep is out, if you read on the net even after a trauma like that they need too if due and you should also because it is traumatic. I cant remember the signs of concussion because the same thing happened to me a while ago but there was no concussion. Honestly with my experience the small amount of crying should indicate all is fine. Look up on google signs of concussion, i did a search and entered babies falling or so. It can happen if you are right next to them. I have learnt not to put baby on the bed anymore. I felt sick all day when it happened. The fact that they didn't cry for long tells me its okay, the same happened with my baby... Only a small amount of crying too ......


Christy - January 27

This has not happened to me (yet) and the one time it almost did, I caught my baby in time. However, I have read and been told that this happens to the vast majority of parents and the baby is usually fine. If he only cried a few seconds and acted nnormally after that, he is probably ok. If you are still concerned, though, call your doctor to see if there is anything else you should be looking for or doing. How old is your baby? They say that this commonly happens around four months and on since that is when most babies learn to roll.


KrYstaL - January 27

that happened to me once when my daughter was little. i don't know how she did it but she didn't even cry. i heard a bump and it sounded like someone had hit the front door. so i checked and no one was there. so i decided to check on her just in case. sure enough she wasn't on the bed but she was on the floor in the corner on her back. when i looked over she just started smiling! oh i was petrified. but she was ok and i just watched for signs of concussion. in the end she was ok, she didn't even have a bump.


Mommy - January 27

This happened to me once with Logan, too. It's a good thing our place by the bed was so cluttered with extra blankets and pillows because Zane threw them off. I was getting Zane away from the drawers because he was pulling all the clothes out. I turned back around and didn't see Logan. I freaked out then looked by the bed and there he was, smiling and eating his foot.. I'm glad our bed is just 2 mattresses on the floor and no frame. He should be okay, rarely do babies fall of the bed and seriously get hurt unless the floor is really hard or they land on their neck. THAT is what I worry most about.


Iso - January 27

OMG I dropped my baby when he was only two weeks old and I cried and went crazy. He was OK after a few minutes of major crying though. I think they just get startled more than anything else. Just hold him tight and comfort him. I'm willing to bet every mom has dropped their baby at least once. If it's like on cement or something, that's different...but if it's just off the bed or, like me, rolled off your lap while reaching for something (the remote) he should be fine.


me - January 27

I am so relieved it not only happened to my baby, not that I glad it happen to other babies though. I do still feel guilty up to this moment, I wish I could catch him. Anyway sorry for being so dummy, but what is concussion and what is the signs? My baby is doing fine now, is that mean that he is gonna be fine?


Lisastar9 - January 27

What's a concussion? When a head injury causes a change in the normal functioning of the brain, it's called a concussion. A child with a concussion may lose consciousness or have problems with his vision, memory, or balance. This sounds scary, but in most cases the damage is minor and temporary and the child recovers completely. Still, a concussion is what most parents worry about when a child takes a b__w to the head My baby fell and hit his head. How can I tell if he has a concussion? Your baby may have one or more of these early signs of a concussion: • loss of consciousness • headache • dizziness • confusion • nausea • vomiting It's common for babies to hit their heads when they fall, and in most cases, there's nothing to worry about, even if the child does have a concussion. If your baby loses consciousness, though, have him checked out by your pediatrician or by the doctor at the emergency room. Sometimes, even with a minor b__w, there can be brain injury. Also take your baby to see a doctor right away if he hits his head and in the next day or two he: • Is vomiting. It's okay to have a bout of vomiting after a fall, but it shouldn't persist. • Seems unusually sleepy during the day or can't be awakened at night. Try waking your baby a couple of times the first night after his fall, just to make sure you can. • Seems weak or confused, or seems to have problems with vision or speech, if he's old enough for you to tell. When should I call 911? If your baby hits his head and has irregular breathing, convulsions, or becomes unconscious for more than a few minutes, call for immediate help. In the meantime, don't move him unless he's in danger of being hurt further. Perform CPR if he isn't breathing, and if he's bleeding, cover the wound with a clean cloth and apply pressure. Can a concussion cause permanent brain damage? Only in rare cases. A second concussion — an impact before the first symptoms have cleared — can be dangerous, though, causing brain swelling and even death. So if your baby has suffered a concussion that caused him to lose consciousness, your doctor will probably advise you to keep an extra watchful eye on him for the next couple of weeks. How can I prevent my baby from getting a concussion? The best thing you can do is to childproof your home. Also make sure your child is always safely buckled into his car seat when in the car.


Lisastar9 - January 27

I know for a fact believing your baby will be fine. It happens to the best of us.


spammy4145 - January 27

Every one of my sisters boys(3 of em) have fallen off the bed at one point.. One was just a few days old, the others months and even years.. and I can tell you all of them are fine. bright little boys.hehe. I wouldn't worry about anything. I think everyone has fallen off a bed at one no matter what the age.


Angela - January 28

yeah that happend to my baby when she was 4 months old. i felt terrible but she was fine. a little after that she fell off the ba__sinett. dont worry i felt like a terrible mother but those things happen. now she's 10 months old and she falls all the time because she want to walk. i think its a part of them growing up.



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