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acrone - February 11

We are going on vacation in two months and my dd will be 10 months old and I wanted to get a baby floater for the pool. Has anyone used them and which ones are the best.


Brenda M - February 11

Good question! I also see they make baby bathing suits now with the floaters built right into the fabric. I was wondering if anyone has used these?


jb - February 11

The floaters built into the suit are great!


ash2 - February 11

I second the floaters built into the suits ! They are really good !


melissa g. - February 12

i got a floaty from OneStepAheadBaby, and it was fantastic! It even had a removable sun canopy on it. loved it! we just got back from visiting family in Hawaii, and we used it everyday. My dd was 11 and a half months when we went.


Rabbits07 - February 12

I guess I have a differing opinion than jb and ash on the floater suits because I didn't like them. We bought Clint one summer before last (he was 2) and he wore it one time. For some reason he kept tipping forward and ending up face down in the water which kind of defeated the purpose of the suit. I don't know if it was something specific he was doing causing it or what, but you could tell he was struggling to stay upright and then, PLOP, in the water his face would go. We used it for all of 5 minutes and I took it back and got my money back the next day. Of course with a 10 month old you would never be letting them go, but with us we wanted something that we could stay by his side, but not have to keep our hands on him and the suit just wasn't suitable for that (no pun intended :-)


Brenda M - February 12

Rabbits--that exactly what I was afraid of. I saw one on eBay a few weeks ago for a reasonable price, but it just seems that if they fall over, they're going to stay over (that's my fear with a kayak too!).


kellens mom - February 12

I AGREE with Rabbits. I have read that the swim suits with floats can be especially dangerous for children that don't have the muscle coordination to get themselves up or roll themselves over. Parents get a false sense of security...that really is not there! We ordered a life vest from Ba__s pro shop (do a query on-line for the store and then search for infant life vests - Ours is the one with big character bugs like a dragon fly and ant). We used it this summer while out fishing. Kellen was 5 months at the time. It is very capable of growing with her. I will say that the same issues exist with this vest as with the swim floats...except, this vest wll flip them so they are face up in deeper water. The real concern is with shallow water when all vests can not properly flip them because body parts hinder the babies from turning over. Best of luck in making a decision.


kellens mom - February 12

One more thought...Make sure that the suit or vest is certified for safety. We looked at the swimming suit ones initially only to find out that the coast guard refuses to certify them...maybe you can find one that is certified.


ashtynsmom - February 12

The suits worked OK for us... but we also bought one of those yellow floats with the "seat" in it. It is like a tube with the leg holes... anyway... it was $1.97 at Wal-Mart and it is fantastic!! Dd loved it, and it was by far the best one we had. We used it last summer when she was 7 mos old... and it was awesome. The suit was good, too, but we couldn't let her go. She was too little, but we will try again this year. I highly recommend the cheapie from WalMart though!!


jb - February 12

Rabbits and Kellens Mom, you make some very valid points. One that will make me reconsider the floater. Last summer I bought one for my dd when we went on vacation. She was only 6 months at the time. Of course at 6 months I would not let her out of my arms, even with the floater suit. Because of that, I never got to see her 'tip forward' as you say. I have no doubt that it happens though...and I don't really want to find out for myself!!!! With that being said, I think I am going to do as kellens mom suggested and get a coast guard approved life vest. I guess thinking about the floaters a little more, I think that they are suited more for kids that are a little older. I know my cousin used them for her kids before they were 'good enough' to swim without them. I believe they were around 4-6 years old (I think). Anyhow, thanks everyone for all the coments. I am glad I clicked on this thread and learned some valuable information!


sahmof3 - February 12

I had the same problem with the suit with my 2 yo dd. My mom has rings with leg holes, baby boats with leg holes... they all flip!! I always ended up either just holding LO or holding onto the floatie the whole time. My oldest can use arm floaties and dh and I each take a younger kid. Anyhoo... I doubt you'd be leaving your 10 month unattended no matter what LOL... so I'd say go with what you think looks like it would be comfy for your dd and easy for you to "swim" around with.



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