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Maggie - June 17

I'm starting my dd on solids (her doc said it was ok), but I'm not sure what to do. I don't remember how I did this with my son (it was almost 6 years ago). My dd is 4 months old, and weighs 14 pounds. She really doesn't like cereal, so I was thinking of putting some applesauce in it. I must confess that I dip her paci in apple juice every once in awhile and she loves it. Can some of you Mommies let me know how you are feeding your babies? I know she should have three solid meals a day, but what exactly should I give her and how much? Do I cut down on the amount of formula she gets, or do I maintain it? Any help would be great, thanks.


Bonnie - June 17

Maggie, has a great section on introducing soilids, when they are ready, and how to do it. I went by what they had on their site. :)


JAI - June 17

Hi ds is just over 7 months now, but the way I did it was first I introduced him to cereal...rice for 1 week, barley for 1 week, oat for 1 week, once that was a success and no allergies, I started him with intro to fruits and veggies. Now I give him cereal when he wakes up and I mix in a fruit plus he has an 8oz bottle, then 4 hours later I give him either a jar of veggies or chicken or beef followed by a 6oz bottle then about 4 hours later I give him half a jar of fruit and another 8oz bottle then before bed he has cereal with nothing mixed in it and a 8oz bottle....then it is nite nite. I have been lucky he likes EVERYTHING even cereal without the fruit, that is why I still give it to him like that at night so he does not get picky on me...LOL!!! Hope my way helps you at all. It seems to be working well for me. And it really seems to fufill him perfecty,


JAI - June 17

Here is a guide that helped may want to check it out.


shelly22 - June 17

I took my son to the doc yesterday for his 4month appt, he was 16lbs 2oz!! Anyways, he's been on rice cereal for about a week and the doc told me to start him on veggies. He told me to give veggies for lunch and cereal for dinner. He told me not to give him fruit for a couple more weeks until he gets really used to eating the veggies. He said if I give him fruit now he will only like the sweet stuff and won't like the veggies. He said that was why I shouldn't put fruit in his cereal too. This is my schedule for my 4 month old, He gets up about 7:30 eats a 6 oz bottle, then at 11 he eats 1/2 a jar of veggies (I stick to one flavor for 4 days because of allergies) then he washes that down with 6oz. Then he has 6 oz at 2:30 and then at 6 he gets cereal and another 6oz bottle. He gets his last bottle at 9:30 and thats 7oz and goes to bed for the night. He hasn't got up for a night feeding since he was 5 weeks, I'm so lucky!! Hope that helps, my little guy is a little piggy!!


hello - June 17

try adding some pureed pear ... i remember my daughter loving that stuff... just go with the cereal for now for a week or so. They say not to begin until the 6 mth mark i started when she was 5 mths and she didnt take to solids really for a while...i remember i did morning and late afternoon meal, being 4 - 5ish dinner time. Lunch came later... So brekkie for a week then add dinner being pureed pumpkin, potato, carrot etc... Meat doesnt come yet...... Thats what i did and hope it helped and introduce one thing at a time


hello - June 17

same amount of formula by the way, thats more important than solids til the 12 mth mark anyway.



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