Baby Food Recipes

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Ariana - October 29

Anyone know baby food recipes for a 10mo old? I feed her gerber and stuff like that but i want to make her food at home instead. I dont really know how to cook, so if you have a recipe can you be specific on how to prepare it or make it... thanks


Katie - October 29

I used to babysit my aunts kids when I was in my teens and I always made them baby food by putting food into a little food processor. I will do the same thing with my son when he gets older and starts eating more than sweet potatoes and carrots.


P - October 29 This is a good site. I have started making all of my daughters food (except the cereals) and it's really easy. I don't cook either. I used the baby food jars to see if she allergic to anything and then once it was all clear I made a whole bunch and froze it in ice cube trays. Once it was frozen I took it out and put it into ziplock baggies. I find it soooooo much easier. Good luck.


Jbear - October 30

Do a search on "baby food recipe" and you'll find a bunch. Homemade baby food is cheaper and usually tastes a lot better than the jars.


Just - October 30

make sure the carrots, if you choose to give her that, are organic.


momma - October 31

i have been making some of my baby food for a while now (i dont think recipies are neccicary) all i do is boil or steam (or otherwise cook the food) and puree it when when my daughter can chew i will break it into small peices or mash it with a fork it can be froze untill you use it (once it has been cooked) but my daughter likes it fresh better i also dont add much for spices and ABSOLUTLY NO SUGAR i still use jar foods when not at home, i usually save the jars and fill them with the food. there is a great little amish store near me they have really great stuff that seems a little milder i use thoose if i add anything (they have the cutest baby bonnets too)


karine - November 1

i always made my own baby food for both my two toddlers. And i still make containers of veggi/meat and freeze, it for those lazy days LOL they love it. I only use the fruit jars. i always thought that those baby food jar meals taste AWFUL so i didnt want to feed it to my angels. I take a huge pot (really big one LOL) and i put chicken, 1/2bag carrots, 1can peas, 1/2bag potatoes, skash, rutebega, some celery, green pepper (depending on age) onions (depending on age) mushrooms, spinach, corn, and pretty much any veggies i can think of LOL, then i cook it in water. (KEEP the juice from the veggies, as all the vitamines are in there.) take a blender and blend all of it ( it makes enough food for about a month, and it takes time to blend) when you blend it add some of that water you kepts from the veggies. put them in small containers and freeze them (the best containers are the ones from heinz baby fruits jars , the new plastic ones) you can also replace the chicken for ground beef/turkey/ NO pork. and of course, you can put the kinds of veggies you want, depending on age/taste. have fun!!!


Narcissus - November 1

My baby loves a ripe avocado, mashed or pureed. It is full of healthy fats and nutrients.



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