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DANI - February 1

Are you mom's still feeding baby food to your 13 month old's? My ds just turned 13 mo. and he hates it. Was wondering if this is normal to refuse the baby food? Also you ladies have any ideas for finger foods? Thanks


HEATHER - February 1

at a year we were off baby foods except the fruit, I still give that cause she likes it so much and we cant get fresh fruit to stay good for long, especially the varieties that the jars come in. but she doesnt like veggies (real ones) and wont do the jars either... grr!!


Crissy - February 1

We stopped doing baby food around that age. Pretty soon our dd started refusing spoon-feeding her altogether, so I had to get creative.. lol. I started giving her sandwiches (like jelly and grilled cheese) cut up into little bits, soft veggies she can pick up, cut up bananas and other soft fruits, toast, waffles, scrambled eggs, litte cheese pizzas made on pita bread, just about anything mushy cut up into bite size pieces. And there are lots of vitamin-fortified cereals out there that get mushy easily in their mouths. I'm also looking for new ideas since NOW she is starting to get picky on me! LOL


ConnorsMommy - February 1

My ds will be 13mos. on the 7th and I occasionally still give him baby food because he only has 4 teeth. He only refuses it if he's not hungry.


cae - February 1

I would love to get Ethan totally off babyfood as he is a year old now. However, hes not doing so great on finger foods, so until then he will be on them. Well, he is just on the Gerber graduates pasta pick ups. I say, if your ds is not interested then, I would not give them, unless he doesnt do well on finger foods.


SonyaM - February 1

My first son stopped jarred food by 9 months at least. My second son will be 16 months ont he 4th and he still gets the jarred fruits and veggies becasue he won't eat them any other way. It's very frustrating but for now I suppose I don't have any other option.


Erin1979 - February 1

My daughter started refusing baby food at about 10 months. I started giving her more table food. At 17 months she feeds herself with a spoon (and hands too) and is "Little Miss Independant!" I say, feed them what they will eat, if you force them to eat something they don't want, they will be more picky later!! Good Luck!


Nerdy Girl - February 1

I still take a couple of jars in the diaper bag when we go out somewhere, just in case wherever we end up eating doesn't have something my 14 month old can eat. However, there are only a few jarred foods he will still eat at this age - pretty much any of the fruits, b___ternut squash, and Earth's Best chicken & sweet potato.


Bonnie - February 2

I swear Cae, I wish I could get Mason and Ethan together. Ethan could tech M how to walk and M can teach him how to eat, lol..............Dani, check out



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