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Diana - June 21

I am currently pregnant with my first child and am about to start purchasing furniture and accessories. I never knew there was so many choices in the market so if anyone has any hints or tips on what I should be looking for, it would be greatly appreciated.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - June 21

Hi! When we looked for a crib, we looked at the cribs that will convert into a bigger bed as she grows. We spent a little more on the crib but it is well worth it, its beautiful and sturdy. We also got a matching dresser now so it will be part of her bedroom furniture as she grows. We did not get a changing table because we just use the bed, couch, floor, lap, just where ever we are to change her, also, I am not the greatest at changing them when they are sideways! Just never thought it would be a practical buy because it cant be used as anything else but that. A swing was given to us, but I can promise that if we have another baby, I will be sure getting another one! It is a life saver. We bought a baby bath tub also, its easier to bathe her in her bedroom on the floor than leaning over the bathtub or kitchen sink. You will need lots of baby wipes, and diapers, we LOVE pampers. Everyone says Pampers and Luvs are the same, but I have to say for my Amaya they arent. The Luvs are tighter on her legs than pampers. If you subscribe to any baby magazines, look for coupons in there. I know that American Baby is always running like 15% off crib bedding, or $10 off a swing or something. Just look for those and it will save you a little. I hope I answered your question. Any others just ask away! Good luck


JenniferB - June 21

I was lucky, I had all of my furniture given to me by my sister who was done having kids. I do advise you to look at consumer reviews for diaper pails. I don't know what brand I got but it was supposed to block the smell. It fell apart after two weeks and the thing stinks so bad. My changing table is also a dresser so it was not a waste of space. I go visiting alot and my pack and play was used all the time. I bought big storage tubs to use as toy boxes. When he outgrows them I can snap the lid on them and store them in the attic and move onto the next one. If I think of any more I will add. :0)


P - June 21

I got all my daughters furniture at Ikea so my daughters room is stylin!! You know, the one she doesn't sleep in? lol She still sleeps in my room. She has graduated from my bed to the ba__sinet. The crib converts to a toddler bed and the dresser top is a change table that I never use. For some stupid reason I only change her on my bed. I have a whole change station set up beside my bed which is about ten feet from the change table. There are a lot of cribs that convert to either a toddler bed or a double bed. I'm glad I got one that converts to a toddler bed because her room is so tiny a double bed wouldn't fit! Hopefully I'll have a bigger house by the time she needs a bigger bed... I got her bedding on eBay; it's dragonflies and lady bugs. We didn't know if she was going to be a girl or boy so we had to keep it neutral. Bummer, I would've gone totally girlie if I'd known. Still wanna paint something pink... But I digress. lol My daughter loves her mobile but the sucker will only run for about five minutes and then you have to wind it again. My mother made the curtains for her room and I got a roller blind to put behind them to block out the afternoon sun. Normal babies love the swings (mine's not, vibrating bouncy chairs are great,a ba__sinet if s/he will be sleeping in your room. If s/he will be sleeping in your bed you could use one of those horseshoe shaped b___stfeeding pillows to kind of "corral" the baby so you won't worry about squishing it. My daughter also really liked sleeping on one of those ergonomic pillows. They're the perfect size for a newborn and would also be handy if the baby's in bed with you. I sleep better with the baby in the ba__sinet as opposed to in bed with me; my daughter's a bed hog. When I'm at home I don't use baby wipes, I always use a wet baby cloth. I kept the peri bottle they gave me at the hospital and keep that filled with water to wet the cloths. I like it better then putting all those chemicals on her little bum and it's cheaper. I use baby wipes when we're out. I also use Pampers but that's all I've ever used so I don't know how they compare. Don't be stupid like me and buy a $500 stroller that doesn't fit in your car... Oh well, time for a new car!! lol Good luck and enjoy your shopping!


Jbear - June 21

About diaper pails--I never used one, I bought ziplock sandwich bags and just bagged each diaper. I kept a plastic bag from the grocery store on the front doorknob, threw the diapers in their ziplock bags into it, and then whenever one of us went out the door the diapers went in the dumpster. It works great when they're tiny, because the little diapers fit in little ziplock bags. My daughter's 3 and we still use diapers occasionally...I think I'd need gallon ziplock bags for hers.


Skyfeather - June 22

I never got a diaper pail. I just use a regular kitchen trash can in the bedroom and put charcoal and baking soda in there and it blocks the smell. A pack and play that can also have the attachable ba__sinet to it is a god send. You can bring it with you and your little one has a safe place to stay. One of the ba__sinets I have has a detachable top basket so you can bring that with you also. I was given a changing table and I only usedit the frst two nights she came home. Its much easier to change them on the bed or somthing. A bigggggg dresser for all those baby clothes. Asturdy newer style crib that meets the new standards. Im still seeing old cribs that are painted with lead paint and that have the too spaced out slats. There still being handed down to people. Stock up on diapers and wipes. With some brands of wipes you can save money by cutting them in half. Some are just thicker and "clean" better and there big so you dont use the whole wipe. oh so much more but I have to go and feed my little one...


Tracey - June 22

Since baby furniture is SOOO expensive, we put most of our money into the crib. Then instead of buying the $700 dresser that matched (which wasn't that great anyway), we went and found a child size unfinished dresser and bookcase for $200 and stained them to match. Then we bought colored baskets to put on the bookshelf to hold diapers, supplies, toys, and whatnot (those baskets on shelves are really trendy right now...) Her room turned out beautiful and it didn't cost thousands of dollars. For bedding, instead of buying the $300 comforter set we had picked out (which she couldn't use anyway) we just bought pink sheets and bumpers and then draped a homemade afghan over the front of it to add color. Turned of really pretty. I would say her entire room cost under a thousand dollars and it looks like we spent tons cause everything coordinates and matches. And the good thing about her stuff is that her room isn't too "babyish", so she can keep the style when she's a little older. Her walls are painted a pale yellow and it's decorated with b___terfly pictures and has pink, purple and green accents. It will make the cutest little garden style room for a toddler. As far as baby accessories, a diaper pail is a lifesaver for me. We have the Diaper Genie, but out friends have the Diaper Champ and we like theirs better. (you can use it with one hand) We also couldn't live without our rocker and ottoman. We don't have a changing table either and we don't even miss it. (you're right, it's hard to change a baby sideways). One thing we did that we really liked was because her clothes are so little and don't hang down very far in her closet, we bought three of those stackable plastic drawers to put in the floor of her closet (so it makes a little dresser in the closet) and we put the clothes she's not into yet, one drawer is for toys and stuffed animals...Saves tons of space cause we don't need as much furniture sitting out in her room and they are so cheap (cost about $10 a piece). we also couldn't live without our swing. One piece of advice though. Wait until baby's born to buy one. We got the one that matched out stroller and high chair and our baby hated it. It swung front and back and she screamed whenever we put her in it. When my husband tries to soothe her he always holds her upright and rocks back and forth so we found a swing that rocks back and forth instead of front to back. She loves it, it's a lifesaver. So we wasted $90 on a swing that's now in the bas____nt. Hope some of this advice helps. Good luck with your little one!



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