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christan10 - February 11

my little girl is 5 weeks old and has been having horrible problems with gas...we have changed formula a few times at the request of her doc. and we have tried the gas drops but nothing seems to work and i wonder if anyone has found something that helps the poor tummy??


mandee25 - February 11

My ds likes to be held with his arms and legs dangling down and his tummy resting on my hands, kind of in a face down position. I rub and pat his back and this sometimes helps. Have you tried gripe water? It may help.


eclipse - February 11

My baby had this exact same problem and it took going through 5 formulas to find something that didn't kill his stomach. We finally found Enfamil Gentlease was good for him, and didn't keep him awake with gas pains. I still put Mylicon drops in it though so it helps break up anything going on. Also, she may have a milk allergy-have you tried soy or the allergenic kinds to see? Are you b___stfeeding at all? I give my ds pumped milk first and then formula. It seems to work well that way, but otherwise check for an allergy and good luck!!


ash2 - February 11

Have you tried anything soy based ? My doc switched my oldest DS to that and he did great !


christan10 - February 11

We tried the Gentlease formula and it did nothing to help we are now trying a lacoste-free formula and if this doesnt help after a few days i am going to try a soy formula also....what is gripe water and where do you get it?


AshleyB - February 11

Hi, the same happened with us. It does take a good week or so for them to adjust to new formula. The gentlease was a godsend for us. He was like a totally different baby. The soy was awful!! It made him much worse and constipated him horrible! I'm so glad we found the gentlease and there is a generic version at target that is exactly the same and half the price. Hope you find something soon that works for you, I know how miserable it is to have an unhappy baby.


Felisha - February 11

gentleease also worked well for us. and when she does get bad gas i warm a towel in the microwwave for 30 or 45 seconds and put it on her belly it seems to take the gas cramps away


AshleyB - February 11

I tried the gripe water also. Some people swear by it, but it made no difference for us. Waste of money. We got ours at the local grocery store.


Monica_WeinerBaby#1 - February 11

warm baths helped my son and also my doc prescribed a stronger gas drop and it seemed to work most times


Smilefull - February 12

if she's really uncomfy it helps to lay them down and push their knees up into their tummy (not hard)...then when they kinda release the tention, to rub their tummies. And, i know this may seem silly, but this was an issue I had with my first, lots of burping---feed for 20seconds, burp for 40 seconds, feed for 20, burp for 40--it works really well especially once it gets kind of automated, you can count in your head....and if you're having a really hard time getting that burp out, laying them down for a few seconds and then picking them up again---that burp usually finally gets out.


Ashleyg - February 12

Mason seemed to have a lot of gas trouble in the beginning and now we have him on soy formula and he does great...when we first started him on solids, he started having horrible gas problems again...we switched from the rice cereal to the oatmeal cereal and no more gas. also, if he seems ga__sy, i lay him on top of a hot water bottle and it works wonders! if you dont have one, wet a washcloth in hot water and put it in a zip lock baggie, does the same thing...good luck!


christan10 - February 12

thanks everybody for the info....if by this weeks end its not better i think we are going to switch from the lactose-free to soy formula and give that a shot....



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