Baby Getting Flat Head HELP

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DB - March 13

My dd is starting to get a flat head on the back right side. She always sleeps with her head turned that way even if I try to have it turned the opposite way. I don't know what else to do except keep trying to have her sleep facing the other way...other problem is she has reflux so she sleeps with the pack n play propped up so it's on an incline. Should I try a sleep positioner and try to have her sleep on her side?? hmmm...


ssmith - March 13

My dd NEVER slept on her back as a baby! I used those sleep positioners in her ba__sinet & crib for a long time. I always put her down on her side, and then on the opposite side if she woke for a feed. I was too nervous about putting her down on her back because as a newborn, she had a lot of mucous and would spit up occasionally. I was afraid she would choke. Anyway, I loved the sleep positioners and so did my dd because she slept in them until she was 8 months old!! She loved being all cozy and snuggled up on her side. I am also proud to say that she has an absolutely perfectly shaped head LOL


DB - March 13

Did you just get one from Babies r Us? My dd spits up to because of her reflux so this will help ease my mind too..Before we had to have her sleep on an incline she'd always manage to somehow roll to her side (this is when she was only a couple of weeks old) I think she'll like to sleep on her side. Hmm..I'll be making a shopping trip today!


lin7604 - March 13

my ds is getting a bit of a flat head too, i try to lie him on his sides but he hates it, so what i am doing now is i roll up the side of his comforter so it is highter on the right side so he turns his head to the left/ somedays it works well others not so much but if i can get a little bit of his sleeping on his left side i guess i will have to be happy witht that.


Rhiannon - March 13

My dd developed flat head becasue of her position in the womb. We had to have a therapist come to work with her once a month. It was so constricted that it delayed her a little developmentally because she couldn't lift her head when on her tummy. She is getting much better now, but she still isn't at the same level as her sister. Talk to your pedi soon because they can refer you to physiotherapists.


sahmof3 - March 13

There are some exercises you can do to help her strengthen her neck muscles, which will also encourage her to turn her head both ways. My kids had the same problem and this is what the ped recommended.... at each diaper change gently turn the head to one side and keep it there... and ma__sage the neck muscles (on the neck, but near where the neck meets the shoulders) on the opposite side of the way your LO is facing. Do that for about 20 seconds and then turn her head and do the opposite side. It helps them from developing a condition (can't remember the name of it), but it's where their neck muscles become so stiff that they really can't turn their head on their own. I did these for a few months with my kids and it worked wonders! They all have even heads now.



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