Baby Going On Day 5 Of No Poop

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KH - September 19

My baby is br___tfed and is going on day 5 of no poop. He was going 2-4 times a day. I have tried the rectal thermometer a few times. He doesn't seem terribly uncomf, but at times seems agitated. I guess I could try the glycerin suppositories but don't really want to. Why is this happening?


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 19

I would call your doctor asap. When he does try to go it can cause more problems. When my daughter went only 2 1/2 days we called the doctor and had to take her in because of the problems it coud cause. She was prescribed some meds and it was all better the next day.


BBK ® © - September 19

KH call your doc, but don't be too alarmed. Babies who are exclusively b___stfed very rarely get constipated. They can go a week or even two without a bowel movement. When he does go, as long as he has watery stool with small milk curds, he's not constipated.


1 - September 19

my child went three days without a BM and we called the doctor. he recommended the glycerin suppositories (1/2) and within 30 minutes he had a movement and has never had the problem again. just call your doctor.


2 - September 19

i agree with BBK. This could just signify your baby is growing and using most of the b___stmilk, with little left to pa__s. Try a very warm bath followed by ma__saging his belly in counterclockwise circles to help things move. You can also try apple juice if they are not regularily drinking it, but i wouldn't use the suppositories unless absolutely necessary (and under the advice of your doctor). If after a few more days it is still not working, you can try brown sugar or molasis, about two tsp in four ounces of b___stmilk/water/formula.. only do it once a day for two days. Unless your baby seems to become inconsolable, has a fever or stops eating (anything that would make you immediately worry really) i would just wait it out.


KH - September 19

thanks everyone. He went 2 times today and everything is great now.... phew! :)


JenH - September 22

How old is your baby? My son is bf. He was dirtying his diaper every day, sometimes several times a day. When he was about 6wks. old, this all changed. He started only having 1 bm per week. This is very normal for a bf baby. Their digestive systems are becoming more developed and using most of what they are eating....very efficient. As long as his stool is not hard, then he is normal. Jen


s - September 22

apple juice just made it worse for my baby (becouse of the pectin in it) pear juice works much better for her. you could also try a drop or 2 of mineral oil in one bottle per day (thats what my doc told me) and now she is fine havent had a prob since she was given mineral oil (it can be put in juice or water as well) but still check with the doc and get their advice that way they will now about it and ask about it at check ups too



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