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HH - May 1

Hi ladies, I'm currently 35 weeks and was wondering if buying a baby gym is worthwhile? If yes, then me and my husband are torn between two: "Baby Einstein Discovering Water Play Gym" or "Baby Gymtastics 3-in-1 Rockin' Gym by Fisher Price", any ideas or suggestions? Thanks alot!


Ameyas mom - May 1

hey my dd is 2 months and loves her ocean wonders by fisher price. It's a really good one and turns into a tent for when they are older.


emilysmommy - May 1

My 3 month old LOVES her Peekaboo Elmo gym. She squeals and kicks her little legs while it's on...she just loves it! LOL it was a good buy..


Dana - May 1

My dd loves, loves, loves her Fisher Price Flutterbye Gym. The bird hangs low and flies to music and lights. Although, I will tell you that until she was 3 months old, she wouldn't have anything to do with it. Now, she loves it!


K - May 1

For us it is definitely worthwhile. My 2 month old loves her gym. It is the only place we can set her down and keep her occupied for any amount of time as she is not crazy about her bouncer or swing. We have the Gymini Super Deluxe Light and Music by Tiny Love, and it's great. It has won awards and really seems to keep my daughter's interest, especially the big mirror. It is also nice because it has some extra holes where you can add a favorite hanging toy if you want. Whatever you get, I would strongly recommend something with a good size mirror because she will entertain herself for half an hour looking in that mirror and making faces and squealing and giggling. It is fun to watch.


Nerdy Girl - May 2

I would also recommend an activity center, like an exersaucer. Once they can hold their heads up, they like the independence of the exersaucer. I swear that both of my kids thought they were standing up by themselves in that thing. My youngest child, my son, is 5 months now and loves his exersaucer.


pbj - May 3

I don't have experience with the two gyms that you mentioned, but I do know my dd loves her play gym still and she's almost 6 months. She also has an exersaucer, but it's for babies 4 mths and up.



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