Baby Hairs

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pallu - January 26

Hi, i gave a birth to my daughter on 9 dec,05. She is so cute but she has so much hairs on her face means all over face like cheeks and more on forehead and she also has hair on her body like back and hand...I don't know what to do. I am worried because she is a girl. How can i remove those hair plz help me.


Crissy - January 26

That sounds like lanugo, which is the fine, downy hair they have all over the last few months of gestation. My daughter also had hair that was kind of dark colored on her forehead, her ears, and her back. Our doctor told us she would shed this hair within a few months. She is now almost 4 months old, and it is gone. :-)


kris A. - January 26

Crissy is right, they will shed out on their own, whatever you do, dont try to remove them, you would hurt her. Let time work it's magic.


Kristina - January 26

Those little hairs are to protect her skin from all the surrounding water while she was in your womb. It will go away on it's own =)


FF - January 26

Everyone is right- those hairs will fall out on their own- just be patient :)


Meredith - January 26

I always thought those little hairs sticking out from my girls' ears were adorable. :-)


Liz - January 26

My son had that too. He had long dark fine hairs on the back of his ears!! He looked like a monkey. At 3 months, it all started to fall out.


pallu - January 27

thanks ladies for reply my question.. I am indian and she has lots of hair. Now they are growing on her nose also i am still worried. Because of them her color is dark and i don't like them at all.I know baby get some hair from womb but these hairs are black and long...So, if u guys are saying they will fall off then i think i should give some time.


Nini - January 27

Hi Pallu!My daughter was born with hair on her ears and back,i mean really long dark hair and she is now 6 months and theyy are barely falling off.So each baby is diffrent but i'am sure that most of the hair will fall off.Good luck and don't worry.


to pallu - February 20

My son also had that hair just like your daughter . I could even see it on the picture they took at the hospital. I thought it was only on kids that was born before time. Was you daughter early born early?


to pallu - February 20

I mean was your daughter born early?



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