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Mariefe - November 11

Hello ladies, just wanna ask about baby hiccups. My 12 days old baby girl gets hiccups like 3 times a day. I really wonder about this and it can take her about 5 minutes to get rid of it everytime and its so loud sometimes. I pity her when she gets this but its seems like she does not mind having it. How could i prevent too many hiccups?


madison - November 11

there's nothing you can do- i hated when my dd got them, too, and it was like 4 times every day. as she gets older they seem to happen less. my dd doesnt get them very often now at all, she's 8 months.


Prego1 - November 12

I don't think there's anything u can do except to let her do it. Also sometimes excessive hiccuping is a sign of reflux.


excited2bemama - November 12

I have heard that some people have tryed using gripe water for hiccups.. my lo had hiccups severeal times a day in utereo and then when she was born it continued.. there was nothing we could do for it. SHe is 5 months now and has hiccups every now and then.


c_baer19 - November 12

It's completely normal and nothing to worry about.. just part of being a baby!


mlm056 - November 12

Hi, my ds had hiccups too... he is now 4.5 months.. but when he was a newborn -- he got them several times a day for 15-30min bouts... my ped told me that sucking helped them out -- I would dip his nuk into gripe water -- it did help. Now at 4.5 months, he gets them occasionally. I know it's worrisome but it's completely normal .. their little diaphram is learning how to work!


wailing - November 12

Yup. It's annoying to for us but don't really bother babies. It's not bad for them, and nothing we can do for them either. It's just a part of their immature digestive systems


jen327 - November 13

Frequent Hiccups are a sign of reflux. You should check online to see teh symptoms, she may have reflux. And symptoms generally start appearing from week 1 -4 and get worse.



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