Baby Hickey

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Rabbits07 - June 13

DS (10 weeks) has always sucked on his forearm whenever he starts getting hungry. Here lately he seems to be doing it evenwhen not hungry...I 've tried nursing on several occasions when I seen him doing it and he wasn't I'm assuming that he's doing it for comfort. It is totally cute, but the prob is that now he's doing it so much that he has sucked a hickey on his arm. I've tried to get him to take a paci and he won't and long sleeves aren't an option as it is major hot here.....any suggestions on how to stop the hickeys? I really don't want to take away his 'comfort thing', but the hickey things really don't look good on a baby!


Bonnie - June 13

ROFL....I don;t have any advice. But just thought you would appreciate......When Mason was about that age, I had him up on my shoulder to burp him. He apparently decided my cheek looked appetizing and latch right onto it and gave me a hickey! :D


krithi20 - June 14

Hi, My DS ( 7 weeks now) has started the exact same thing 2 days back. i figured out that she does that when sheis tired, but is not able to sleep. She wont take the paci too. I have to rock her to sleep and put her back in the crib.


JEN - June 14

Hmmm...could you maybe put lotion or something with a little fragrance on his arms so that they don't taste so good? Actually, I don't think it's a terrible habit, and he will probably out grow ds sucks on his toes! Pretty gross since he is 6 months and crawls/cruises everywhere! Bonnie- too funny! I had a shoulder hickey once...his binky fell out and he was almost asleep so I did not disturb him. Binky/shoulder/cheek/'s all the same to them!


austinsmom - June 14

awww I think that is cute.....I think it might be better than sucking his thumb or even getting addicted to the seems a sure bet he will not develop a habit of this to the point you have to try to break him of it later.....I could not think of anything to really help though unless maybe trying a soft water filled teether or my lo likes his little plush sheriff star to suck on one of the points of the star...maybe switch arm for one of these and see if he takes to it.....good luck with it..


bbelmore - June 14

My James does the same thing, only he shoves his whole fist in his mouth. Won't take the pacifier either... he'll suck on just about anything besides the pacifier. I just let him suck, arm hickey or not. If someone asks why he's got arm hickeys, just tell them! It's a cute story!


Jamie - June 15

I just had a thought about this - could you maybe use knee-highs, like cut off the feet and put the stocking on his arm? The thinner material would stay cool, but the fabric should prevent hickies.



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