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Heidi - October 21

Okay I'm guilty, I let my one week old sleep with me once she wakes up for her nightly feedings. It's just much easier laying in bed to br___tfeed and she fusses much less and falls right asleep next to me. I make sure to move her over far enough so I won't roll over on her but I'm a light sleeper and always keep an eye on her. She just seems to sleep better in my bed than in her bassinet which is right next to me. I don't know if she likes the warmth of the heavy blankets or what but she seems to fuss if I put her back in the bassinet. Is it too early to spoil her with this? I was told it's not but my fiance thinks she's gonna get too used to sleeping with us. I get exhausted getting up three times a night for feedings and she sleeps so well once she's in my bed. It just seems too early for her to know the difference. Does anyone else do this?


CEM - October 21

I, too, am guilty of this. My baby is the exact same way, he loves it in our bed. He doesn't fuss, and we all get a good night's sleep. It feels right for us, so we do it. I've got 2 older kids who did the exact same thing, and we never rolled onto them, nor had any troubles with making the transition into their own beds. :)


Michelle - October 21

Yes I do the same also. My dauhghter is 16 months old and sleeps through the whole night with us. We have another due in January, but I refuse to do this again. I miss cuddling with my hubby at night :( Does anyone know how to make the transition easy for our 16 month old?


Heidi - October 21

Glad I'm not alone. Once she's not at risk for SIDS and sleeps more thru the night I'll use her crib in the nursery but until then I like my extra sleep and she's so precious when I peek my eyes open and she's wormed her way right next to me and she's only a week old.


T. - October 21

Heidi.. I used to let my daughter sleep with me in the bed, but I just started putting her in a ba__sinet by the bed again. I started out in the ba__sinet, but she just didn't like it and plus I was nursing and it was much easier to just stick her in bed with me. Now that she's 2 months, I decided to give the ba__sinet another try since she sleeps better through the night and I've stopped b___stfeeding and she sleeps great. I was worried about not being able to get her out of the bed later on if I keep her in it, so I just tried it and she is fine. Good luck!


me - October 21

I do the same thing. My baby slept in his crib til he was about 1 mth old. After that I started to put him in my bed, since it's easier for me to feed him and keep an eye on him ( every night I have to wake up and fix him few times because he would flip over. As for my baby I think it doesn't matter where I put him, he always seem comfortable anywhere he sleeps.


Missy - October 21

I have done this since my daughter was about a week old as well - she is now nearly 3 weeks old. It's the only way I make it through my nights and days without falling asleep standing up. I am hopeful that once I return to work in a few weeks I can put her back in her ba__sinet, but I am not holding my breath. For those who have had their babies in bed with them for a while - what do you do about s_x? Seriously -- I am wondering what we are gonna do once the doctor clears me for s_x - cuz it's been a while and I am ready to go LOL!!!


ally - October 21

Dont make it hard for urself, we had the ba__sinett right next to the bed for pure laziness i guess and exhaustion, even the kettle was in our room haha, to turn on when the cry would come. We didnt want to start bad habits and its bad enuff sharing the bed with my partner and his snoring let alone our baby, i just believe she has our bed and we have ours but everyone is different, i just imagine why start a habit if u have to break it as it will be harder to pop her into her own bed later on when she still wants to sleep with u both and is 1, 2 or 3 but each to their own but i dont recommend u do it for too long cause otherwise u will be in for a nightmare. I just tried my hardest not to start these things but her in my bed wasn't something i wanted anyhow.


d - October 22

Yes, I did this during the first month during the night only. I was extremely weak from giving labour, very dangerously low iron level and was advised by the doctor to go to the hospital to get blood but I didn't go, I just made sure I ate right, took vitmamins, got rest. I couldn't easily get out of bed because of the st_tches as well. Mom told me not to let the baby get used to this but it was only for a month and it did not affect him at all when I stopped and then I just had him in the crib. He is now 7 months. He likes to fall asleep with me or in the swing and then I put him in his crib. I have never left him in the crib to sleep on his own. I don't mind if he sleeps in my arms as long as he ends up in his crib because I need to sleep freely in my bed and not have to worry if I'm going to squish him.


Sarah - October 22

I have a crib, and a ba__sinet, but I still keep my baby in bed with me. I can't help it, she's so beautiful. I love waking up in the middle of the night/morning and seeing her cute little face. She's only a week old right now, so I'm not worried about her getting into the habbit of sleeping in my bed. She sleeps fine in the ba__sinet when I put her in it when she takers her naps. Question from Heidi's comment about SIDS though; when is a baby not at risk anymore?


Kimberley - October 22

I have had 3 children, but only let my first in my bed........I too liked having him in bed at night, as it was easier, and he slept better, but trying to break him of it, nearlt broke my heart. Finally at 1 yrs of age, I just couldn't do it any more, my hubby and i were not sleeping, due to worrying about rolling on him. He would go to sleep in his cot every night, but smack on 11pm, he would cry until I got him in with us. It took 2 long nights of him crying, and me comforting him endlessly, in HIS COT to break him of the habit, he finally realised that our bed was not an option any more, it was stressful doing it though, as I felt soooo mean, and with my next 2 I just never started it, and I never had to deal with it again. Also, I had a friend, who used to always get her babies into bed with her and her hubby, with their 3 rd son, when he was 10 months old, he dies of SIDS while in their bed.......The doctors said it was probablt due to either over heating, from her and her hubby, or he had some how got smothered by the quilt or her or him....They were devastated...I will never forget it, she blamed herself for years, there marriage broke up, and she is now a down and out drug addict :( Just be very careful with over heating when having baby in bed with you.


Narcissus - October 22

Heidi, I slept in the same bed with my son for the first 5 months. I loved every minute of it and miss snuggling next to him. He moved into his crib when the time was right for him and it all happened very naturally and without a big ordeal. One day he was ready to sleep in his crib and there was no fussing over it. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for doing what feels right for you and the baby. I ensured my son's safety by making DH sleep in a different bed and moving my son out of the bed once he could move around on his own. He was slow to roll over so I was awarded some extra time with him in the family bed. If I had to do it over again, I would not change a thing. It really is special!!!


Bohnwin - October 22

There are many opinions on the subject of letting your baby sleep with you and your hubby in bed. They of course range from letting them sleep int your bed because it is instinct to stay close to mom because she will protect you, to not letting them sleep in bed with you from the day they are born. For me, when my daughter Vanessa was born, I felt like something was missing from me when I was apart from her. I was very lucky and she slept through the night, so after the first couple of nights after the hospital, she slept in the ba__sinet next to my bed. On the occasion that she woke up and was hungry, I did let her latch on while I was laying down, and we both fell asleep until morning. When she was about 4 months, I moved the ba__sinet into the room next to mine, and at 6 months, she was in her crib, in the room next to mine. Now she is 20 months, and she sleeps in a twin bed. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, she either cries for me, or comes into my room and wakes me up. She usually sleeps the rest of the night next to me after that. I think it is completely natural to want to be next to your baby, and natural for your baby to be next to you, especially at this young age. You have to do what you think is right for your baby. After awhile, she may be more independent, and will sleep on her own, but right now she's still used to your heartbeat and your body warmth.


Heidi - October 22

Thanks for all the positive feedback. My little one is not two weeks yet but she sleeps all day long in her pack n play during naps and so on but at night it's just easier to have her in bed with me so when she wakes or fusses I'm right there to settle her down or feed her and I just feel more comfortable knowing I can see her breathing than in the next room. I'm a first time mom so I'm always paranoid about that kind of stuff. I'm always reaching out and feeling her hands to see if they're cold and covering her up more or seeing if she's wet etc.


Karen - October 23

Heidi your not alone. Kodi is 8 weeks and sleeps with us. Bf and I sleep on the sides to avoid rolling on him. He has the whole middle for himself. Sometime he cuddle with me. I LOVE EVERY MIN OF IT


Jenn... - October 23

I co-slept with Blake until he was 3 months old. He started sleeping through the night at about 5 weeks. Then I moved his crib into my room right next to my bed. He does not sleep well anymore... He wakes up frequently needing me to comfort him back to sleep. I do not regret co-sleeping because I believe it is best, at least in my situation. Do a google for "Dr. James McKenna" he has done many studies on the mother-baby sleep relationship.


d - October 24

Kimberly I agree with you totally that its very dangerous to sleep with an infant. When I was sleeping I came very close to that and my husband who wasn't sleeping with me to give me more room in the bed would come and see us and many times I was too close. When your sleeping you never know what your doing. So you need someone to take care of mom for her to regain strenght in order for mom to take care of her infant.



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