Baby In Pool

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ambertane - May 26

Can a baby go in the pool??? Pool with clorene??? Not sure how to spell. Even if the pool water is warm like the baby's bath water??? Why can they or why can't they??? And what would happen to them if they did go in it???


austinsmom - May 26

ambertane.......go to my post lets talk about fun summer things and read about this it will answer your question.....have a great time with your little one!!!!!


rl - May 26

my best friend had her baby about 3 months before I had mine her son is 7months now and he has been going in the pool since it has been warm enough and he is just fine in fact I am taking my baby over there this weekend and it will be his first time in a pool...


Kim L - May 26

HI amber - I posted on austinsmom thread too. :-) My hubsand's mother has 5 kids and she took her summer babies in the pool a week after they were born! The rest went in as soon as it was warm enough. They are all fine and healthy, the chlorine did not bother them. I think the only thing to be checking is whether or not their skin has any kind of reaction to the chemicals, in which case a bath right after would probably help. She loved that all of her babies learned to swim at an early age, as it eased her anxiety about one of them accidnetally falling into the pool and drowning. Have fun!


pbj - May 26

I agree with Kim L, but also you want to be sure you watch the sun. Most peds do not recommend putting sunblock on babies younger than 6 months (I'm not sure how old your LO is). Also, my best friend is a nurse and has told me to be sure that the water temp is at least 85 degrees or LO's can go into shock. I live in Florida, it's always hot here, and our water temp is still pretty low.


Kim L - May 26

Good point pbj - I didn't know that about sunscreen. Thanks!


Maggie - May 27

My dd is almost 4 months old, and her pediatrician said I can start using sunscreen on her now because her skin is so fair. We are Irish so we have the light skin, hair and eyes. The doctor said that its better if she has a little reaction to the sunscreen rather than possibly getting burned. My dd gets hot very easily so I really don't like dressing her from head to toe when its 85 degrees out. However she will have on a wide brimmed hat to protect her face because the doctor said she could rub sunscreen on her face into her eyes. When I bring her out today I'm going to put it on her arms, legs, and feet and see how she does with it.


Rabbits07 - May 27

I had read that when you take a baby in the pool you need to watch carefully that they do not swallow alot of the water as chlorine can be toxic in large amounts (especially in tiny little bodies) Of course they will get a few mouthfuls , but just keep a watch that it isn't excessive.



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