Baby Is A Terror From 5pm Until Bedtime

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mandee - October 21

my daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me, but during the day, though awake alot (12 wks old), she cries from like5pm on, until she goes to sleep around 9 or 10 pm. it's very weird. see iam a night owl, and my daughter the opposite. i cannot tell you the last time i get to sit down with my dh and eat dinner with any peace at all. am i alone??? it's sooo hard! thanks, mandee


monica - October 21

Mandee, my son is the same way only thing is that he is a terror starting at 7. Just put her to sleep around 6 that is what I do and he will sleep until morning with a feeding in the middle of the night. Or do dream feeding where around the time you would go to bed go in while she is asleep and give her a feeding...that should last her until morning. She is probably so fussy around that time because she is over exhausted since she does not sleep too much during the day.


Lynn - October 21

I remember reading that it is common for babies to have fussy periods in the late afternoon/early evenings. Don't remember what they said to do about it though.


BBK ® © - October 21

It usually has to do with tiredness and/or overstimulation. Make sure you have a steady nap schedule and preserve that at all costs. My daughter still has a fussy period but it's a much smaller one than it used to be.


Jamie - October 23

My daughter was the same way; I thought she just didn't like my husband, cause he gets home at 5. 8-) Then I realized that I was the one causing it, cause her routine was to wake up at 8 a.m., take a nap at 11, and then be up until 9 p.m. Naturally, she was gonna get cranky without another nap. So, I started putting her down for a nap at 3, and moved bedtime from 9 to 8; I start getting her *ready* for bed by nursing her at 7, bath at 7:30, and then cuddle time from the end of the bath until she falls asleep, around 8:15. She'll sleep until 8 the next morning, except for 1 morning feeding, at 5.


Kimberley - October 23

I agree with the other mums. Babies get very over tired at around that time, especially if they are awake most of the day......Right when we as wives and mothers to other children have to be getting dinner ready etc etc......I would try to see if she will go for a sleep at this time of the day, she may fight it, as she is over tired, but if you hold her snuggly and rock her, or walk with her, she will give in, and sleep......



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