Baby Is Wide Awake After Night Feeding Need Help

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MayMama - July 11

Hi...our son is 9 weeks old and only wakes once during the night for a feeding. The problem is that no matter what we do (or don't do...i.e. turn on lights, talk to him, change his diaper, etc) he is wide awake after this feeding and it takes us 1 1/2 -2 hrs from the time he first wakes up until he goes back to sleep again. We think he's too young to really let him CIO although we do let him fuss a few minutes before going to comfort him. My husband and I are both exhausted and could really use some tips on how to help him get back to sleep quicker! Everyone we know says their kids always fell asleep during the night feeding so they haven't been able to help us out. Thanks!


Kel - July 11

My dd did this af first as well. Eventually we got into a routine for her night feedings. We just continued to do this and she eventually got the idea, "oh it's still nighttime I have to go back to sleep".. She'd wake up, I'd change her diaper (in the dark, I never turned the lights on). I go get her bottle and feed her in our room. She slept in our room in her ba__sinet, so I never took her out of the room. At the end of the bottle, there were nights when it would take forever to get her back to sleep. I would just continue to hold her and pat her little b___t until she fell asleep. In time she started to fall asleep when I was trying to get that last burp out of her. Even now when she wakes at for the morning, she wants to fall back asleep after her bottle. She's still young, so it make take a couple of weeks. After a while her night waking got later and later until it was in the wee hours of the morning and she eventually started only taking an ounce or two and falling back asleep. Then she started to sleep through the will come in time.


krista-lee - July 12

i had the same problem. what i do is sit in a rocking chair and rock whiile feeding, stop halfway through the bottle, burp him, feed him the rest, then just keep rocking. my dd falls fast asleep :) also try to keep him up from about 7-9 so that hes pooed by bedtime :)



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