Baby Keeps Falling Asleep During Feedings

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mandee25 - January 13

Does anyone else have this problem? My ds will drink a few ounces, fall asleep, wake up 20 minutes later, drink a bit more, fall's frustrating!


SuzieQ - January 13

How old is he? We had this problem when our dd was still newborn (first few weeks only). We had to keep her awake by cooling her off with a damp cloth, kind of jiggling her, etc. She only did this for a few weeks though.


Dawn - January 13

How old is your baby? and is he bottle feed? if so then maybe you need to change the teat to a number 2. when my baby was 2 weeks old I was told by my health visitor to change the teat to a number 2 as babies get very tired trying to suck from a number 1 teat.


lexa - January 13

My dd did this quite frequently also and she is now 3 months. I'm glad to say that it has stopped. I beleive your other thread stated he is 7 weeks? Mine did that too. Like I said, she just started a few weeks ago eating her bottle and staying content until next feeding. But this too was a huge problem for us. It is frustrating because you feel as though you don't do anything else but constantly feed them:-) My ped called those kinds of babies "snackers".


mandee25 - January 13

Noah is 7 weeks old and we bottle feed. He did this a lot when he was first born but then was doing really well at 3 weeks and finishing his bottles most of the time. Now he is back to sleeping a lot and not finishing his bottle although he definitely still has an appet_te when he wakes up again.


Nita_ - January 13

My lo also had a terrible time staying asleep while feeding..I think the sucking thing is very comforting for them, so they fall asleep. I would keep rubbing her hands/feet, using cool washcloth on face to somehow keep him up and finish the bottle. I know it can get really frustrating as it seems like they are always drinking!! good luck!


Felisha - January 13

i needed that smae question answered



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