Baby Laughing

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ES - October 20

At what age did you baby start laughing. My daughter is 6 weeks and not even real smiles.


Fabienne - October 20

Smiling or laughing ? Matthew is starting to laugh - it's great ! He is 4 months old


KrisD - October 20

Hey there - my son is 7 weeks and I think he is just beginning to smile... Though my husband says he has been smiling for a few weeks now. I think that was just gas :o). I think it is tough to keep in mind that every baby is different.


Toya - October 20

Asjani started laughing at 10 weeks. ...smiling at about 5 weeks.


Jbear - October 20

My oldest daughter laughed at six weeks, but my younger one is nine weeks and doesn't laugh yet. I was telling my mom about it and she said babies all do the same things, they just don't all do them at the same time.


Lissi - October 20

My daughter is nearly 5 weeks and although she doesn't actually laugh yet, she has certain noises she makes when she's amused by something. She smiles a lot now.


me - October 20

Hello there,my son started to smile at about 3weeks and started to laugh before he was 2 mths old.


April - October 20

okay I know you guys won't believe this... but Alena smiled the day she was born... and it wasn't gas. I know because when we'd talk to her she'd smile, and when we weren't she wouldn't. She could also push herself up the day she was born. She's abnormally strong... haha. She's 3 months old now and she's laughing it's soooooo cute. She was laughing at me the other day while I was eating and I have nooo idea why. Guess she thought I was funny looking.


monica - October 20

April my baby is just like yours. Strong and smiled from the beginning. He seems to conversate with me too...I know sounds silly but I talk then he coos and we take turns..he is so cute. However he looks like he is laughing but nothing really comes out...


BBK ® © - October 21

It starts out as shy smiles then real smiles (give it two weeks). In the third month sometime you'll hear laughter. Make sure you play with her like tickle and talk to her a lot but do it when she's rested. I pretend like one of her dolls is a plane and she laughs up a storm (she's a bit over 3 months now).


Lissi - October 21

My baby was very strong from the beginning too. She's always been able to hold her head up. Maybe it's because she was nearly 2 weeks late?


JB - October 21

My doctor said babies start smiling at you at 2 months.


Shelly - October 21

Jesse's first smile was @ 3.5 weeks (at me) and he laughed out loud to his daddy @ 6 weeks.It's sooo cute and i love the "cooing".


Toya - October 21

Asjani laughs like Steve Urkel. She snorts a LOT! Sometimes she even sounds like a screeching cat. She has a very high pitched voice.



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