BABY LEASHES What S Wrong With Them

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Curious - November 14

Just curious as to why some of you are against them. I think they're a good way to let my child explore in safety. I'd rather he be safe and happy, than take a chance that he won't run into the road.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 14

I have never spoke about this topic on here before but now that my daughter is really trying to get around on her own I will let you know how I feel. I feel like you put animals on leashes. I know that it is a great way for your kids to run around and not get too far away but it almost breaks my heart when I see kids on them. I know it sounds really stupid, but I always see a picture in my mind of a kid running and running and then getting to the end of the leash and it snapping them back like it does puppies. lol I told you it sounded stupid! I will probably change my mind when Amaya gets old enough to run around and we are in a big place but for now I think strollers are good enough. That is just my two cents!


monica - November 14

I actually bought one for my first son. I used it a couple of times...He would always be running away. It didnt feel right having him on a leash. The stroller was the best thing I would just buckle him up. I dont think bad of people that use them some parents really need them especially if they have a lot of little ones. better to be safe than sorry.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 14

I do not think they are bad, I'm not sure I would ever use one though. I certainly agree with the safety issue of keeping a toddler from running off, especially in this day and age, let alone cars, etc. I may change my mind as my son gets older. I'm sure they are just fine for whoever wants to use them.


kr - November 14

I think they can really work for the right child. You know the ones I'm talking take them to a clothing store and they hide in those rounds racks.


chelsey - November 14

I got one for my daughter when she was almost 2. I wore one side on my wrist, she wore the other side on her wrist. I only used it once, at the mall. She had tried to run from me, and when the leash would only let her get so far, she tugged and pulled on it until it was sooooooo stretched! Now I've got this 50 foot piece of useless "rope"!


Irritated - November 14

I am absolutley against them. I think that "leashing" your child so they can explore and have fun but still be close to you is weird. I took my daughter all over the place when she was young and never had her wander off nor try and run off when she was a toddler. That's because she was either being held by myself or someone else, in a stroller, or someone was holding her hand. Also, I think that putting them on a leash while they are at home in the backyard or frontyard is plain lazy. If they ran into the road, it's because you weren't doing your job as a parent and watching them. Childern are humans and do not need to be treated like an animal. Would you put your child on a runner in the backyard so they would not run into the street? No, because they are for dogs not kids. Baby leashes are for parents who are lazy and don't want to take the time and energy into constantly watching their toddlers.


chelsey - November 14

to Irritated ~ I totally disagree with your statement about "leashes are for lazy parents!" They are a great idea for someone in a shopping mall who has a toddler who can climb out of the stroller, wont stay by your side, too heavy to be carried or is unable to be carried because of arm loads of bags! It is great to hear that your toddler never ran off on you, but for those that have wondering kids, or kids who like to do the opposite of what they are told... a leash is a great option. There is nothing inhumane about them. The ones that attach at the wrist are great, because it gives you the freedom of a hand that would other wise be busy clasping onto your toddlers. It also gives your child the freedom to wonder, but also reinforces that there are boundaries and limits as to how far your child can go. Maybe putting your child on a leash at home in the yard is pretty crazy, but while out in the mall, or at the zoo or something, I think they work to some extent. Unless ofcourse its my daughter on the other end... then they are pointless.


Irritated to Chelsey - November 14

I don't necessarily mean that of all parents, but the times that I have seen the leash being used, the parents seem to be so self absorbed with what they are doing rather than paying attention to their children. After I posted, I reread my post, and good god the hormones were flying!! But I guess most of my post was for the inital poster because she seemed to indicate that she used them at home, or at least that how I took it. :o)


Mommy - November 14

I use one when I am out, ie Walmart or somwhere equally crowded. I have 2 babies, and with a baby leash I can have my toddler with me and my baby in the cart. Or I can push the stroller and not worry about trying to carry my oldest one in his backpack seat. I use the stroller if it's just him, but when I have them both I'm happy to know that my oldest can explore without me having to chase him while I'm carrying my other son. It is very hard on me to always be behind Zane when Logan is starting to get mobile too. I pick my battles so if I can make it easier on me without making Zane have a tantrum at the same time, I will.


dylan - November 14

kr, have you been watching me shop?


chelsey - November 14

to Irritated! ~ I hope I didn't sound too defensive! I get hormonal too, apparently! I read my post and thought it sounded a bit crabby! I agree with you though, regarding people who use them at home in the yard. It is lazy and an easy way of parenting. Sorry, if you thought I jumped on you!


Irriated - November 14

No worries!! I have the hormonal imbalance of a crazy pregnant woman so I don't always think before I type!! :o)


chelsey - November 14

Oh, I'm not even pregnant anymore!! I think I inherited my mothers "wonderful" womanly traits! My husband can tell when I'm about to get my period. If ever we argue he says" I'll bet by friday, you'll be ragging". And sure enough......!!!!!


jorden - November 14

i dont think people actually thing about this subject. I think the thing is, is that we always relate leashes to dogs and animals. It just kinda looks weird when a child is on one. But some kids actually need one. Some kids constantly run off and are in to everything... i know when i see a kid on one...i always disagree but my son isint there yet...only 5 months old...but again...i think people just relate it to animals being on a leash...but until their child needs one, its different.


Jbear - November 14

The main problem with the leash is, if your child is a little drama queen like mine, she'll wait until people are looking, contort her little body as if she's being dragged by the leash, throw herself on the ground, and howl, "Mommy, you're killing me," while people look on, shocked and judgemental. I bought a leash for my daughter after she ran into the duck pond (which was about 8 inches of water and 2 feet of duck poop, as I discovered when I jumped in to get her out) but after the above experience in a very crowded store, I never used the thing again. The harness part of it is useful, if your little escape artist can squirm out of the seat belt in the shopping cart...just use the velcro that secures the leash to the harness to secure the harness to the child seat of the shoppong cart.


chelsey - November 14

Jbear, that is just too funny! Mine just stretched hers across the shopping mall, so far that people were stepping over it to get by! Now it works great to tie her up! Just kidding!



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