Baby Losing His Hair

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Mama J - September 3

Hi all, my son is almost 3 months old and was born with lots of dark brown hair. Over the last few weeks he has been gradually losing his hair. He is almost bald now and I'm so frustrated!! He looked so cute with hair!! Anyone know why he is losing his hair so fast or what I can do to stop it. I know it's a vain thing but I can't help it. If I"m doing something wrong that is causing his hair loss I'd like to stop it. Thanks for listening!!


mjvdec01 - September 3

Is his hair actually falling out, or is it thinning from growth of his head? When my daughter was about that age she looked as though she was losing her hair, but it was just getting more spread out looking as her head grew. Does that make sense? If his hair is really falling out, then I would probably consult your pediatrician. My daughter started to look as though she had a receeding hairline, it all filled in, in time. Now she is 2 and a half with a full head of very blonde semi thick hair.


Mama J - September 4

Yes you make sense that as his head grows it will look thinned out. But his is falling out. I can see it in his ba__sinette!! I know all babies can get a bald spot from laying down but his is all over. I also read that babies can loose all thier hair and it grow in another color!! just wondered if there was something I was doing to slow it down or stop it. too much hair washing or not enough?? Thanks for your input.


bubbasmom - September 4

Babies losing their hair is completely normal. I don't know why it happens and it is not caused by anything you have done, but it is normal. I remember being sad when my first son lost his hair, but is does grow back. I've even heard of babies with black hair getting blond hair when it grows back in.


jenna32 - September 4

i read that this is normal, sometimes baby's hair falls out and grows in another color. I think it happened to dd. Although i didn't notice her hair falling out,compared to her birth pictures,i started noticing much less hair! She was born with dark brown hair, now i see a lot more blonde growing in,but still a little bit of brown is left in her hair. she is 9 months and still doesn't have too much hair, i can't wait for it to grow in!


margie - September 5

my dd lost her hair around 3 months also and then it grew in with thicker darker hair...the hair that fell out was more like fuzzy little baby fluff and then what grew back in was more like real hair. also i noticed when it was falling she had some cradle cap so i put on some creamy baby oil and took an infant comb and sat there and got all the scabs off and it helped too. i'm sure that he is ok, if you find it keep falling and it's not growing back you may try to ask your pedi at the next appointment.


kimberly - September 5

My second son lost most of his hair too. I called him my bald little man because he was completely bald on top and he still had hair on the sides and in the back. lol! It will grow back thicker and nicer soon!


Crystal83 - September 5

It's compeletey normal for most babies who were born with lots of hair to lose almost all of it by the time they are about 3-4 months old. My dd#2 was born with lots of dark brown hair and she was almost bald by the time she was 3 months old. It is upsetting, but I can tell you that the hair grows back very quickly and it may be a bit lighter than it was before as well. My lo had a full head of hair again by the time she was 10 months old . My 3rd dd was born with even more dark brown hair and I was expecting it to fall out as well but it hasn't and she is a year old. The funny thing is, underneath all her dark hair she has some light brown hair growing and I'm wondering which shade is her true color.



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