Baby Losing Weight

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pregnantjackie - April 8

My baby has always been big, and around the time he started solids (5 months) he weighed in at 23 lbs. Now he is 7.5 months old and about 21 lbs. He seems to be getting much taller, and is MUCH more active (he crawl-sprints very quickly) but is a weight loss like that normal? He eats 3 solid meals a day and drinks maybe five 6-8 oz bottles of formula and never spits up.


DDT - April 8

No, weight loss is never normal, or at least that is what every doc and nurse has told me. You may need to increase his daily calories because of his increasingly active playtime. No need to become overly worried over it but just try to watch what he eats. For example: Try feeding him things like tofu, cheese...things with a high but heathly fat content. As babies get older it's very normal for their weight gain to slow down (sometimes drastically) but I don't think they should ever be losing weight. Has he been sick recently?


Malica - April 9

Please make an appointment to see your doctor soon. Sounds like he's getting the right amount of food and there may be another underlying cause for his weight loss. 2lbs from a 23lb baby is nearly a 9% loss of weight which is significant for infants and should be investigated. Perhaps it is as you think because he's more active, but you really need a doctor to make sure.


BriannasMummy - April 9

It can be normal. I know this from my own experience. My first dd has been gainging and losing weight since she was a tiny infant. She was born at 9lbs 1.5oz and when she was 1 she only weighed 17 lbs. At one point we got her all the way to 20lbs and at her next appointment she only weighed 15lbs. She was like a yo yo. She went through LOADS of testing.. blood tests, cat scans, Mri's, sweat tests, to find that there was NOTHING wrong with her.. she is perfectly healthy, but loses weight easily. Shes now almost 6 and she is doing great. Talk to you doctor about it, Im sure everything is fine with your son. ~Kristin~


pregnantjackie - April 10

Thanks for the responses. DDT, he hasn't been sick at all, and usually ppl/babies lose weight when they are sick bc they either vomit or aren't hungry, right? NEither of these things describe him. I will make an apointment with my doctor regarding this, but what could it possibly be? He hasn't had diahhrea or been vomiting and he eats a ton. BriannasMommy, why did your doctor schedule all those tests? What did they think was wrong with her?


Franny - April 10

Everything else besides a little weight loss is totally normal so I wouldn't worry at all. At 21 pounds at 7.5 months he is in the 90th percentile!!!!! He


kimberly - April 10

Jackie, sounds like he is doing great! I would be sure to tell the pedi about your concerns though. I know my 4 year old has alway gone up and down in weight. He will gain a little then lose a little and always has. I would just keep an eye on it and make sure his pedi knows.


pregnantjackie - April 10

I weighed him today, in the morning...23 lbs! Maybe I just weight him at the wrong time of day after he had gone #2? :-) Thanks for the help



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