Baby Makes Lots Of Little Noises While She Sleeps

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frankschick2001 - January 12

My new baby daughter is 9 days old today. Last night I noticed that she makes lots and lots of little cooing and sighing noises while she sleeps. Can anyone explain this? Sometimes it seems constant. I don't think its gas because she is not crying and does not seem to be in pain. I am worried she is having a disturbed sleep or something. She has already been to her pediatrician for her first check up and he said she is fine. But then the strange noises started while she sleeps. Anyone else's baby do this?


Dawn - January 12

I think most babies make noises in their sleep. My dd is 5 1/2 months old and when she was born she made lots of grunting noises, she still makes some noises now. So don't worry about it. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter.


sahmof3 - January 12

Totally normal. Babies are noisy sleepers lol.


rl- - January 12

yes very normal and congrads on the new baby ( :


LisaB - January 12

My son did it it was so cute I loved laying and watching him sleep- gosh they grow up so fast.


srigles - January 12

My son is almost 11 weeks old and makes noises constantly when he's sleeping - grunts, coos, you name it. Congrats on the birth of your daughter!


Emily - January 12

yep both of my girls did this. My 6mo old every once in a while still gives out a cry in her sleep....but it is all the time anymore....


Mingill - January 12

Totally normal, the noises can range from cooing, grunting, snoring sometime my DS (4 months now) will even let out a single cry, but he's still fast asleep. If you watch their faces they make a thousand different expressions too, I love when DS smiles in his sleep. Congrats on your baby girl.


kellens mom - January 12

After a couple of weeks, we had to move dd out of our bedroom because of all the noise. My "Mommy Ears" were so tuned in that I was not getting any sleep at all.


Alison - January 13

My DD is about to turn 4 months and she has always made lots of little noises in her sleep - I love it I think it is so cute lol! She snores, sighs, squeaks and grunts lol! I think most babies make some noises in their sleep :-)



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