Baby Measles

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silencingtearsofhope - November 2

Ok, a few days ago one of my twins came out with a high fever, about 103 degrees. It lasted for about 3 days . Then yesterday he woke up with this red spotty rash all over his body. I took him to the hospital and they basically said that they didn't have a clue so they gave me a cream to treat for dust mites, an antibiotic and infant claritin. Now I looked up his symptoms and they are 100% following the symptoms of baby measles. the claritin didn't do anything for the rash and I don't think I should give my 9 month old an antibiotic when they don't even know what it is they're treating. I was wondering if anyone's child ever had baby measles and if my son's symptoms sound familiar.


Malica - November 2

Antibiotics are very safe these days after billions of people have taken them. If it were my child, I wouldn't want to screw around with a high fever when there's a pretty decent chance antibiotics would help. But to each their own, I guess. Please keep a very close eye on this and talk to your doctor if his condition changes if you're not going to give him the medicine that was prescribed to him.


kimberly - November 2

I feel you should give him the antibiotics. Antibiotics are not harmful, you just shouldn't give them antibiotics for every little sniffle. As mothers we are our child's advocate and if you truely feel the Dr. is wrong you should get a second opinion. I don't know about it being measles but there are lots of othe communicable illnesses that have a rash a__sociated with them, it could be or it might not be.


alida - November 2

Sounds like Roseola Virus to me...there is nothing you can do for it. It starts with a fever and then when the fever goes away a rash appears all over the torso and then can spread. It goes away on its own and is contagious. It is very common. I hope its that simple and nothing serious. Check the website and see if that helps you??? GL


iemc19 - November 3

My ds had measles at 10 months - high temp for a few days and then a rash - definate spots all over his tum and face , red-lined eyes and when our gp saw him, he did a double take and had to check his book - he hadn't seen a case in so long - this was 12 years ago...he wasn't given anything cos by this point his temp was down...Anti-biotics won't hurt but I would check again - if just for your own health records....


wailing - November 3

If u think the original diagnoses is wrong then I would go to another Dr. Keep checking his fever and if it stays high for a long time, def go somewhere else. I know what u are saying about not wanting to give the meds if not completely neccessary. If it's a viral infection the antibiotics won't do anything. Most impt thing right now is to keep an eye on the fever. Like someone else said, most infections begin w/ a fever that should subside after peaking in a few days. 103.0 should be the peak for a child ur lo's age. If it doesn't go down and nothing is changing then I would look into what else it could be. Listen to ur instincts and good Luck


Bellas Mom - November 3

Sounds familiar - it's called ROSEOLA


Bellas Mom - November 3

oh yeah - and the rash and fever do not need to be treated with antibiotics.



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