Baby Modelling

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Hana - February 18

Hi ladies, I wanted to ask your opinions on baby modelling. Thanks in advance:)


vonzo - February 18

I would say personally if the babys having fun and there's no pressure then why not!! It's when you start bordering on the pushy mum side and it begins to become too serious it gets a little OTT. If you have a gorgeous baby and you want to show them off to the world then on you go as long as you keep it relaxed!!


Hana - February 18

People always comment on ds even strangers comment (and i live in london lol) but i always thought he's cute in my eyes coz im his mum... im thinking of contacting an agency coz 2 weeks ago i had his photos taken at the studio and i never seen him have os much fun and smile so so so much (for every shot!!)..and im a little broke so i thought id check it out...if he is accepted i think id do it only for a few months coz i dont want him to grow having faith in only his cutness or risk becoming vain..then i my darn dh scared me by saying 'god knows how many pediaphiles look at children;s pictures in magazines' and that really scared me... i dunno maybe im just bored fat and feel ugly and want to live vicariously through my son LOOOL


AlissaF - February 18

let me know how you go about doing it. I've been considering the same thing with my son, but I don't know where to start.


k.p.j.e. - February 19

My opinion is the same as vonzo's. I as well have a gorgeous baby :) and I love showing him off! AlissaF I think you should pursue it...your little guy is really cute...he has that smile that you can't look at and not smile back! (I saw the pic you sent to Regis and Kelly remember) Hana where can I see a pic of your child? Sorry I'm a junkie lol.


Hana - February 19

kpje how do guys share pic other than email? Alissan I think you can just goggle baby modelling agencies and you send them a few pictures. I've not done it yet as im waiting for the studio pics to come out. Thanks ladies.


mosley12 - February 19

i wanted to enter ds is the baby gap model search, but he was too young. everyone, even strangers, tell me how adorable or gorgous he is with his blonde hair and blue eyes. he's too young for regis and kelly. i think i would do it if he was a bit older though


foxhoundsrgr8 - February 19

I am the same as you - everyone keeps telling me how gorgeous my son is, but I have no idea how to get him into modelling. I don't want to pay any fees though, where they tell you that you have to and then nothing ever happens, but haven't managed to find any other serious agencies yet. I live in a tiny little place far away from everything, I imagine there would be a lot more opportunities in London? Do you have any pictures of your lo, we could look at?


Erin1979 - February 19

I looked into this when my daughter was small (I have people stopping me all the time to tell me how gorgeous my daughter is...she does have beautiful eyes) and for me, it just wasn't worth it. You have to be willing to drop everything at the drop of a hat to get to a shoot, and your baby has to be on their best behaviour all the time...the photographers do not want to waste time trying to calm your baby. My mom however, wants to take my daughter to do the Sears Catalouge which is just one or two days of pictures and that's it. For me, it just wasn't worth it.


ash2 - February 19

Try arent modeling agencies, but they are pageant people that could probably help you to get started : ) They have pageants all over the country.


k.p.j.e. - February 19

I am not sure how to share other than on that piczo site and I have my own family website A lot of moms also have their kids on their myspace page but I don't have an account or a page so I don't know how to do that! I think most people use piczo it seems like?


Hana - February 19

Okies i just made a VERY basic page on piczo and added a few pictures. I get ds's professional pics tomorrow so please check it again!


k.p.j.e. - February 19

CUTE!!!!!!!!!! really cute smile.


Hana - February 20

Aww thanks, i think so too!! lol


Hana - February 26

Guess what, ds got accepted into a modelling agency! They said in the form they'd answer in 7 days and they answered in the same day! I applied for fun never thinking he'd get through.Im sooooo confused as to what to do... Im so afraid that i will turn my very good natured baby into a stressed out cranky thing. I know they take breaks every half hour but it still scares me to know how many people will dressing/undressing him ..also how many of those are abusers working in this industry??(did i mention i was super super paranoid?? lol)..i have a month to think about it before I sign anything...anyone had a child or know a child in the industry and are shoots stressful for the babies?


ash2 - February 26

Just be careful...alot of those places are only after your money !



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