Baby Monitors How Long Did Do You Use These

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EMBERBABY - February 27

After reading someone's post on their 1 year old still sleeping in the bed with them , it got me thinking I need to get dd out our room NOW. I never bothered buying a baby monitor because she was always in the room with us but now I think its time to evict her lol. Do you all really use your baby monitors? Which kind do you use? Dd is 5 months so I don't know if it would be worth going to buy one at this point. Any suggestions? I just don't want our dd to a year old and not be able to sleep in her crib by herself.


ashtynsmom - February 27

We got one, but never used it, unless we were outside. We could hear dd from any room in the house- she is loud!! And I am such a light sleeper, I always wake up when she cries. We used it maybe 3 times- and it was last summer when she was napping or in bed, and dh and I were outside.


Lanaya - February 27

My son is 17 months old and we still use our everynight. I don't want to chance not hearing him wake up and crying and then I'll feel bad. He knows that I am on the other side of that door, and depends on me to come to him when he needs me. He's basically sleeping through the night, but like I said I don't wanna chance not hearing him and then him being scared that Mommy isn't coming.


cae - February 27

We have a video monitor and we have used it since Ethan went from the ba__sinet to his own crib. I could not even imagine living without it. It defanitely gives me peace of mind. I will probably use it for a while, esp. when we will transition him into a toddler bed. I just got this fear that he may just get out of his toddler bed and wonder. I would say this and the infant swing was the two best buys thus far. Must have for us!


SonyaM - February 27

Well I am somewhat neurotic and paranoid about nightime so we used our monitor with our oldest until the second one moved to his room. The oldest was about 4 years old. I know I know, that's crazy but whatever helps you sleep at night. I am much more relaxed with the second ds. I still use the monitor but I usually have the sound so low I can only see the lights lighting up and no sound.


aurorabunny - February 27

May I NOT recommend the Mobi video monitors from Wal-Mart! We bought one with our tax money and figured we were getting a really good price...well the video image works awesome but you have to keep the volume turned off at all times, which completely defeats the purpose. It has static SO loud no matter where we move it or position it in our house, and trust me we have tried a million different places. Trying to sleep with it by my head almost made me break it with a hammer...LOL.


hthab - February 27

We bought a video monitor as well, the Summer Baby's Quiet Sounds Color Handheld Video Monitor. It is the best item that we've bought for the baby, so if you can afford it (around $180), I totally recommend it!!!!! We tried keeping the baby in our room, but he was too loud. It was keeping us from sleeping, so we moved him to his own room. I love being able to check on him without entering the room and waking him. You can plug the monitor into your TV, so that if you're watching TV at night, you can switch from what you're watching to checking the baby. I've read reviews where people ended up buying a second camera when their second baby was born, so they still use it when the first baby gets older.


melissa g. - February 27

we use monitors still at 12 months -- i have found them to very useful, i can hear just what she's up to in there, if she coughs or if she is awake or what kind of cry she is making -- i know back in the day there were no such things but I couldnt be w/o my monitors! i dont have video tho- which for me is probably a good thing -- i'd be poring over it each night trying to figure out if she was sleeping on her face or not!


jb - February 27

We use the monitor, but not at night time/sleeping. We use ours when dh and I go in the bas____nt to play cards, or in the summer we go out in the screen porch and play cards, have a bonfire, etc. We basically just pulg it in where we are and enjoy ourselves. We never use it when we are sleeping. I found it more disturbing to my sleep. Everytime baby rolled over it would pick up that noise. Besides, I heard every peep she makes when she needs me. I truly think as a mother we are more in tune to that, even if we claim to be 'deep sleepers'. My dd is on the other side of the house and I have no problems hearing her if she cried.


ash2 - February 27

We still use ours and DS is 9 months. We will probably still use it untill he can get out of bed by himself. When we are in the living room and he is asleep in the crib,. we turn it on so we can listen if he cries.


Emmie - February 27

My son is 10 months old and I have never used a baby monitor. My relatives had one and you could hear some of their neighbors having s_x. I could not imagine anyone else hearing whats going on in my house. I moved my son to his own room when he was 4.5 months old and I can hear every peep he makes(our walls are very thin.)



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