Baby More Fussy On Solids

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jessb - June 20

Baby girl is 4 1/2 months now. WE just started solids. She has been on rice cereal for several weeks and was doing well. 2 days ago we started with pears. My question is she seems more fussy now at night, however she eats less bottles so I know she is full at night. My babysitter said her poop was as thick as she has ever seen it today and baby was fussy when she was passing it. Is this from the solids? I know it could be alot of things but do you think solids are hurting her tummy?


pbj - June 20

Hey jessb! It is probably from solids. Fruits can make them ga__sy. Just be sure you give her one thing at a time so you can single out what could be making her ga__sy. Also, (which I found out too late) make sure that you balance her diet out, just like we do. Mattea couldn't take two things that were a `carb, it made her bm's really hard to pa__s. Something our peds nurse told us too is that peas process like a carb and I was giving Mattea peas and sweet potatoes back to back. Poor baby, I had to give her a laxative. So, anyway hope this might help.


emilysmommy - June 20

My dd is also 4 1/2 months and she's also been more ga__sy and fussy since I started her on solids. After almost a week of rice cereal I gave her peas and she loved them but was very ga__sy and fussy for days afterward and would cry when having a bm. I looked on and it recommends giving just the single grain cereals from 4 to 6 months and then at 6 months introducing the fruits and veggies. I'm gonna try it that way and see how it goes..


YC - June 21

My dd was very ga__sy in the begining and then it seemed to go away at about 4 months. She started solids at 5 months and is very ga__sy again. Every once in a while she is extra fussy and seems uncomfortable. She has always been VERY regular. 1 bowel movement a day. When she started eating solids she started going 2 sometimes 3 times a day. The ped warned us that the rice cereal would catch up with her after a few weeks and it did this week. She went two days with out a BM which has never ever happened. I gave her prunes two days in a row and today she went # TIMES!!! LOL!!! Anyways it's a HUGE adjustment for their digestive systems and my ped says she will adjust. He also recommended using oatmeal instead of rice cereal to help with the constipation. Hope your baby girl is feeling better soon.


binkys mom - June 21

my son had the worst gas since he was born...a hint that worked for me provided by my dr. Rice cereal is somewhat binding...good starter food, but also good for the runs. My doctor suggested the baby oatmeal, which helps move things along. When I switched him to the gerber single grain oatmeal, it really cut down on the ga__siness and helped with the daily poop.


jessb - June 21

Thank you all for your answers. It was rough couple of days but today she was back to her normal smiley self. She had one big load at my mom's today and one very loose one about 2 hours ago. I guess maybe the pears finally started to move some things along :o) This is our fourth day of pears and she is finally starting to like them. I dont know what to try next!!!


pbj - June 22

Glad to hear all is back to normal, but it will tend to happen from time to time when trying something new. I don't know if you were asking, but the first things I tried were bananas, apples and pears. Then I moved to peaches, and I think that's the last single fruit, besides prunes. If you do try prunes don't do them about gas! They do work great if your LO is constipated. Good luck



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