Baby Nightmares

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piratesmermaid - January 15

Last night, almost 2 hours after Gretchen fell asleep, she suddenly started crying loudly, and this baby almost never cries at all. I pulled her out of her bed and held her and she calmed down, though she was still a bit snotty from crying. Can they get nightmares at this age? I'm assuming they can, has anyone else delt with this before?


Ca__sJ - January 15

My son has started crying and whining in his sleep. I a__sumed he was dreaming because it was a different sounding type of cry than usual. He is 6.5 months old.


Hana - January 15

I read places that babies cannot have nightmares but i think that as long as they are able to get into REM sleep they are obviously dreaming and thus can have nightmares. My ds has them coz he'd be sleeping and suddenly cry of fear.. its not hunger, pain or ga__sy pain, its the same cry when he's frightened. I ususally pick him up and cuddle him. My dh says he probably is dreaming of being hungry lol


maryl14 - January 15

my ped told me a newborn as dreams which is why when they sleep you see their eyes move and they smile or move in their sleep


piratesmermaid - January 15

Gretchen'll be 6months old tomorrow. I hope I did the right thing in comforting her last night, since we're still trying to get her to sleep in her own bed, I pulled her out of it and cuddled her, but when I tried to put her back in her own bed, she started crying again, so she slept in between my husband and I. It's not going to be a habit I hope!


AshleyB - January 15

My 5wk old does that sometimes but I always thought it was gas. Sometimes he'll just cry out in his sleep briefly and then stop. It doesn't wake him up though usually. I never really thought about nightmares. When he smiles in his sleep, I always wonder what he may be thinking about or dreaming of. Interesting.


maryl14 - January 15

my son is 2 wks old and he does that sometimes i was told that (his screaming in his sleep ) was from him dreaming of the birth, i know it sounds weird that a baby that young can dream but its true


ElizabethL. - January 15

There is something called "night terrors" and what I think it is, is the child wakes screaming and has no memory of having a scary dream. It is almost like a reaction to deep r.e.m. sleep. I think it is more common in alder kids, like two or three year olds, but my daughter has done the same thing a few times and she falls immediately back to sleep.


ash2 - January 15

I have fortuanantly ( knock on wood) have not had to expreience nightmares with DS yet ...he is 4. We try to keep him away from scary movies and try not to let him hear us argue if their was one. But i do believe babies have dreams. My youngest DS will start to laugh in his sleep for no reason !! too cute !


Lchan - January 15

My 9 mo old son is doing the same thing and we finally concluded it was nightmares. The only thing we could think of was possibly nightmares of separation from us. A week ago it was so bad that I brought him to bed with us because it was almost hourly. This was so much different then when he awoke with teethign pain. He seemed to be fast asleep and then would scream but when I picked him up he was still asleep. When he did awaken, he wanted to be comforted and I spooned him all night long with my dh's hand on his chest. He became fussy if either of us moved from this position. In the morning he was happy and giggle as ever. It was the strangest thing.


Kara H. - January 15

Max has just started doing the same thing. He even did it during a nap today. He woke up screaming and almost acted disoriented when I picked him up, possibly dreaming about another room or Grandma's house? Once I got him calmed back down, I laid him down in my bed and put on a baby eistien dvd and he was asleep within 2 minutes.


sophandbob - January 15

I know my little man does. He'll be sleeping then will suddenly cry. He's 4 months, I do wonder what it is in his frame of knowledge and experience that he is having a bad dream about. Is his remembering his time in hospital when he was poorly? Stuff from the womb? If only there was such a thing as a dream recorder.


Kara H. - January 15

We always joke that Max dreams about babies, bottles and b___bie (my guy has a thing for cute baby girls and women in v-neck shirts). So along that line I a__sume a bad dream for him consist of being hungry/wet and no one tending to him, people who make faces and scare him and heavy clothing since he loves to be naked!


ChristinaBonBon - January 16

Well my little girl started doing this on her lunchtime nap from about 4 months old - proper crying but odd, not like her - I read up on it and read that it could be PARTIAL WAKING so they are not fully awake but stuck between sleep phases....this is why they often dont seem with it or recognise you straight away. I read that you are not supposed to pick them up but let it pa__s, but I do pick my little one up because I cant stand to watch and not comfort to anyone in the same boat, dont worry it's just partial waking and the baby does not remember it even though it seems they take a while to calm down.


sahmof3 - January 16

ChristinaBonBon... that's how my youngest is. He will scream and flail and act like he doesn't even realize I'm there for the longest time. I, too, pick him up, but have had to lay him back down... he was flailing so much that I was afraid I'd drop him... he's also banged his head on my lip and gave me a bloody lip!!! When he finally wakes up enough he just relaxes and falls asleep on me within a few minutes. Fortunately, these are rare for him! (My other kids never had them).


ChristinaBonBon - January 17

Hi's weird isn't it. Sounds like your little one thrashes about more than mine, mine just acts like she's really scared! It's so hard to think it's not a nightmare, but good to know (what could they possibly have nightmares about anyway) and good to know they dont remember or realise. My little one only seems to do it during the lunchtime nap, and not too often thankfully......very strange. Try reading on the net about partial waking, you might find it interesting.....they suggest you just watch to make sure they come to no harm! I cant, I end up picking her up.


KLT - January 17

I'm so curious what the hell these babies are dreaming about! My son (3 months) has them too...whining, crying, thrashing. Maybe its just gas??



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