Baby No Longer Sleeping Thru Night

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ashtynsmom - May 25

HELP!! My 4 month old was doing SO WELL!!! She has been sleeping through the night since she was 10 weeks old, now for the past 8 days, she wakes up every 2 hours or MORE. I will give her the paci, and she will go back to sleep for another 2 hrs, but keeps waking. She is not hungry, b/c I have tried to feed her, and she takes and ounce and looses interest. What am I doing wrong? We have had the same bedtime routine, and nothing has changed..... any advice??


Sam - May 26

I'm right there with you with my almost-4-month-old. I posted under another topic about the sleep issue today, but this sounds exactly like what I'm going through. My baby is waking up almost every hour, fussing, etc. We keep putting her pacifier back in (I also feed her at least two of the times), and she falls back to sleep. But I'm worried we shouldn't be doing that? Are we breeding a bad habit? I guess we have to, otherwise, she'll cry and wake herself up even more. I'm thinking it's a developmental thing, but like you, I'm pretty stumped.


ashtynsmom - May 26

I am wondering the same about the bad habit of putting her paci back in, but that is all that will calm her down. Our pediatrician said NOT to pick her up unless we are going to feed her, otherwise, she will learn crying = being held. So... I am trying not to do that, but I am a working mom, and NEED my sleep. I just dont' know. Maybe you are right... developmental, or maybe teething. She drools like a Saint Bernard!!


shea4 - May 26

your babies could be getting teeth. Are they fussy during the day as well? You might try giving them some motrin at their last feeding. I could take a month for the teeth to erupt....good luck!


rl - May 26

I did not read the other posts but my son is about the same age as yours and sometimes he wakes up I let him fuss a bit and he goes right back to sleep if he keeps up fussing I do check on him sometimes his diaper has leaked or whatever and that is an easy fix but maybe don't jump up and run to the baby right away give her a chance to settle herself


Maggie - May 26

How is she napping during the day? Is it possible that somewhere along the line she got day and night confused? When my son started teething he would sleep most of the day and be up all night. Now I'm worried that my 3 month old dd who sleeps through the night, will switch once she starts to cut a tooth.We all better go out and buy some Humphrie's.


ashtynsmom - May 26

No, she naps the same. She just will not sleep for some reason. I don't know if it is a growth spurt (that is what the sitter suggested) or what. She just seems so restless when she does sleep!


Maggie - May 26

Oh and don't worry abouy using a paci. The babies are still so young and they need it for comfort. If your baby is 2 and still walks around with a paci then I might worry a little :-)


Rabbits07 - May 27

I have read that when babies are going through a developmental milestone (rolling over, sitting up, etc.) they sometimes start waking again at night. I would do as rl suggested and give her a few minutes to see if she will settle herself before going in.


amyh - May 28

I was having the same problem until 2 days ago...we switched from Pampers to Huggies Flex diapers, because i noticed how much she was flopping around and kicking in the night. I think that the diapers giver her a little more freedom and don't move down on her body as much as the normal ones. Plus, I notice they keep the wetness away better. I am one happy mom now, because I had written in asking the same question a few weeks ago! Only now, I am sleeping in 4-5 hour segments.



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