Baby Not Sleeping Through The Night

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Christy1 - February 24

I have a 10 week old baby boy. I keep reading about people whose babies sleep through the night now. My ds goes to bed at 7 p.m. and wants to eat at about 11, 2, and 5. How can I get him to stay asleep? We are moving him into his crib this week. The only place he will sleep is in his bouncy seat because he has reflux, but he is outgrowing it. He already weighs 14.5 pounds. He wants to eat all the time. He has actually slept once for 6 hours, but it has never happened again. Any advice? Thanks! Christy


Perl - February 24

Here I am again Christy right with you with the same question. It seems like we're going through the same problems right now. My DS sleeps very well in his cradle swing because it keeps his entire body reclined at a good angle so he's not flat on his back and not sitting up either. But he'll be outgrowing it soon and I'm dreading the day he'll be too heavy for his swing. I read your question about the wedge and thinking about getting him used to sleeping on a wedge in a playpen or his crib. My ds is 4 months old and goes to sleep at 8 pm then wakes at 11 for feeding and goes to sleep and wakes up every single hour from 11 pm to 4 am!! He was sleeping through the night with only one or two feedings but this past week has been hell. We just started adding the rice cereal last night to his formula to see if that will satisfy his hunger and help with the spit up too. So far no improvement but it seems to work for some people. Ten weeks is very young though so check with the pedi of course before you do it.


ash2 - February 24

I think alot of babies schedules change as they get older. My 9 month old was sleeping through the night at 2 months old, but now he is waking up again at midnight when i lay him down around 7 : 30. The doc said to just make sure he is fed before i lay him down and he should'nt be hungry. To just let him sooth himself back to sleep.


tryingx3 - February 24

Perl - had to jump in you know I am going through the same thing and have since the BIRTH of my now 5 mo old. Doc suggested NOT letting her "cry it out" or anything like that until at least 6 mo...not sure how that will go or if I can do that. She is still not getting enough to eat during the daytime hours - my opinion. She only took about 7 oz at daycare on Friday.


Perl - February 24

Trying: know how you feel about CIO. Don't think I can do that ever.


aurorabunny - February 25

Yeah I don't mean this offensively at all so please dont' take it that way but your son could be wanting to eat all the time as "comfort feeding" to soothe reflux pain. And I have not ever heard of a baby outgrowing reflux at 10 weeks old, most reflux peaks around 6 months of age. I'm not saying this is definetly the case because he is still very young and might just be waking to eat as a normal thing, but you might make sure it is not because of his reflux. Have you talked to your ped about trying any meds?? Hopefully it is not reflux and that he will start sleeping better soon. =) Good luck!


Christy1 - February 25

aurorabunny: That is not offensive at all. I didn't mean he was outgrowing the reflux, I meant he is outgrowing his bouncy seat.:-) He is on Zantac and Maalox and yes I think you are right that he eats for comfort. It's hard to know what to do because he is screaming and he wants that bottle and there is no way I am going to not give it to him. Thanks for the advice! Christy


aurorabunny - February 25

I'm sorry, Christy, I mis-read your post. Mommy brain. =) Doesn't it stink when they outgrow all that cool baby stuff that helped so much?? That does sound tough. Maybe the Zantac isn't doing enough and he needs a stronger medication, or maybe he is just hungry. Tough call on that he doing any better at all since you posted?


lin7604 - February 25

i'd like to know what my ds's problem is??? he turned 4 months on saturday and has slept right throught a hand full of times. actually thurs and fri he did and tehn last night he went to his old bag of tricks! he was up 6 times before 11pm and then ate at 2:15 and 6:30 along with his bedtime meal at 8 and then at 9:30 he ate again! 7 oz each time!


Cat - February 26

I don't want to alarm you, but most reflux babies are poor sleepers. Plus, he's still quite young. My refluxer is 15 months and still not sleeping well. I'm pretty sleep deprived, to say the least, but I know he can't help it and things will get better...eventually. I take naps with him, otherwise I'd feel even worse. Talk to your doctor, maybe he does need an increase. I know Zantac is fairly weight sensitive. Good luck! (I tried to post a link to an 'infant reflux support group' website, but it won't let me. Do a search, maybe you can find it?)


K8 - February 26

my 7 month old still doesnt sleep through the night. I'm sorry but some just arent good sleepers :(



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