Baby Orajel For A 3 Month Old

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kimberly - November 13

Can you use baby orajel on a 3 month old? My dd will be 3 months on the 16th and she is getting her first tooth. I know it seems early but it has actually broke the skin so she is teething. I thought I remembered that they had to be a certain age before you could use orajel. I am sure it says on the package but I didn't want to make a special trip to the store if she can't even use it. Anone know?


kimberly - November 13

Sorry... Anyone know? lol!


javidsgirl - November 13

kimberly mariam is also teething and as you she is three months too but my pedi said he doesn't recommend orajel for infants under six months becuase it numbs thier little mouths to much and some babies have actualy choke on formula so i am not using it i am just giving her tempra


c_baer19 - November 13

I have some, and on the package it says 4 months. Good luck!


kimberly - November 13

Thanks! Saved me a trip to the store!


lin7604 - November 13

i did the ped said it was fine.


Allisonc79 - November 13

Maybe put it on right after she eats that way it will wear off by the time she is hungry. It tends to wear off quick anyway.


kimberly - November 15

Well, I just found out that you can't buy baby orajel over the counter anymore. I thought they just took cold meds off the shelf but the pharmacist said it was all baby products. He suggested the teething tablets and so far they have helped some. I would reccomend getting them. She was very fussy last night and wouldn't sleep so I gave her some and she was out in 15 mins. They are all natural.


Mrs.Ireland - November 15

I just bought some baby orajel yesterday. Also my pedi said it was fine to give to her. I haven't given her any yet, but I did also get some gripe water too, not sure if it works or not.


drea - November 15

I've always heard that orajel doesnt do anything for them b/c it gets washed out almost instantly. I would suggest freezing a wet washcloth and let your lo suck on it or a teething toy that has liquid in it that freezes. Just a suggestion, hope your lo feels better.


kimberly - November 15

Mrs. Ireland are you in the US? I am wondering if the pharmacist told me correctly. Drea, I have given her a was cloth, she usually likes it for a while and then she starts to get mad, I think because the biting is making it hurt more. Thanks for the replies!


lawlady72 - November 15

i am in us and almost bought it the other day, rilet is teething too at 3 mos has been since less than 2 months. big problem is that babies this young don't have the coordination to hold anything like a teether in their mouths for a long period so he just drools all over his hand and then yells when he chews too hard. i feel so bad for him.



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